You Manufacture Your Own Fidget Spinners?

Yes, Yes we do! We have many, many of our Fidget Spinners manufactured right here in North Carolina! 

This blog is more so so you can see the many Color options we offer on all of our In House manufactured Spinners!

We believe some of our models don't look great with Wraps on them (The Seesaw for example, would have a hard time getting wrapped) - but we do offer it to all models we make!

So without further ado: The List!

Green/White/Green:   green white green genji fidget spinner

Yellow/Black/Yellow yellow black yellow blade fidget spinner usa

Blue/White/Blue blue white blue blade fidget spinner usa

Red/White/Red red white red jewel fidget spinner usa


 white red white shield fidget spinner usa


black white black jewel fidget spinner usa


black yellow black batman fidget spinner USA


black red black blade fidget spinner USA


White blue white blade fidget spinner usa

Solid Orange

orange blade fidget spinner usa


white black white blade mini fidget spinner


Gold Honeycomb

gold honeycomb sion fidget spinner usa


albalone carousel fidget spinner usa


psychedelic sion fidget spinner usa

Zombie Blood

zombie blood fidget spinner carousel usa

Blood Splatter

blood splatter fidget spinner carousel usa


paisley fidget spinner USA sion

Silver Honeycomb

silver honeycomb sion fidget spinner usa


Again, some of our spinners will not look good with these 3M carbon fiber wraps - just because there isn't a lot of surface area for them on the actual Fidget Spinner. Either way - you have the option on all of our in house fidget spinners!

Be on the look out for more colors and wraps in the future!

Chris Winfrey