The Mods of the TVA: Who the Hell Hired These Guys?

Mods of the The Vape Association

First off I will introduce you to Chris, he is our resident "like" expert, and was voted as 2013's "Most Likely To Get a Thumb Cramp"
Chris proudly serves our country and uses his deadly rifle skills to slap children in the faces with paintballs professionally. He enjoys getting sunburnt on the beach, and snuggling his kitty cats. He has gotten his wife and family vaping; and he is always ready to like anything, anyone, at anytime. If not for Chris, posts just wouldn't be liked in the TVA, so give him a round of applause!
Look for him to start contributing his own segment to this blog, " Chris Likes This" where he shares with us all of the new things he likes.
Next up is Sir-Clouds-A-Lot himself, Boone.
When he isn't singing "Baby Got Juice" about his RBAs, he is rolling his eyes and "pffting" at all the inferior clouds in the sky.
Boone is the resident ass kicker; and he will gladly curb-stomp your post if you cross any lines or break any rules (what are rules? well the group page has rules, and Boone will bash your post into oblivion if you break them. You want to join the group? Well you should. 
I'd be scared of this guy too. Armed with his rickety Zmax, Boone is able to go where no vapor has gone before: to the storms that brew on Jupiter, just to show the eye of THAT storm what a cloud really is.
Look for his new blog/vlog coming soon to the TVA Show, he hasn't named it yet but it will probably just be "Hrrrm"

Chris Winfrey