What Exactly Does it Mean When Playboy Joins the Market?

In 1953 Hugh Hefner launched his brand, Playboy on a small $1,000 loan from his mother. For many, many years his empire was considered THE empire of the adult industry. As pornographic images got more and more graphic; Hugh and Playboy somehow were able to keep in business, and grow the business, by staying classy and sophisticated.
But that has all changed, hasn't it?
The internet, which could have easily propelled Playboy even further, has sunk the magazine into the depths of classicism; as the tastes of people has grown and evolved into much more than just simplistic nudity. The truth of the matter is simple: Hugh and Playboy just haven't been able to adapt to the technology of the past 10 years; and because of this the empire is falling.
Hugh should have passed the torch on a long time ago, if things keep going the way they are then there wont be a torch left to pass.
Why does this matter? Because this week Playboy announced their joining of the Electronic Cigarette Industry.
If it wasn't bad enough to be controversial in the 1950s, they are again joining a controversial, yet growing, market in hopes to piggy back off of the success of other cig-a-likes like NJoy and Blu.
But let's be honest, the only thing appealing about this is the free 3 pack condom sampler with every purchase.
I believe it is safe to say, that as far as gas station e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes go; NJoy and Blu have the market completely cornered; as every gas station has at least one or the other. It's dangerous for Playboy to rely on their magazine brand that they spent so many years growing to propel them into this business, but I am not saying it won't work. I'm just saying I don't think anyone cares.
Plus, can you trust the flavors? (Is that REALLY strawberry or is she happy to see me?)
The only way I could care less is if the next cover of Playboy has Jamie Lee Curtis spending the issue as the Playmate of the Month, modeling her new Playboy E-cig while also talking about her success with Activia., although that would be hella entertaining/
Didn't someone else famous fail at rolling one of these out?
I'll be honest, I would rather have put my mouth on these beauties, especially if the flavor "Tiger's Blood" was their flagship.
This Week's Vape: Chakra by Karmic Vapors. A pleasant, and well balanced pineapple upside down cake that really makes it hard to put down.

Chris Winfrey