What if Vaping Was the Tool you Needed to Lose Weight?

This used to be you:
And now you are this guy:
We all have heard that when one quits smoking they usually GAIN weight; which is true in most cases, as the appetite suppressing chemicals that were once flooding your lungs are no longer present. Nicotine itself is much like Caffeine, in that they are both dieretics, boosting your metabolism. People who drink a lot of coffee find them selves much hungrier when they finish their coffee then before; it's the way the chemical works.
So you quit smoking, and started vaping. The jury is out on whether or not the "Freshman 10" return, there just isn't enough science on that. Does vaping suppress your appetite? In my experience it does not, in fact it's the opposite. It does it's chemical job like Caffeine, and that is push stuff through your system.
But Freeze, I want to look like this:
And you can. But not through vaping alone; but let's discuss how what we know can lead to the deduction that Vaping can help you lose weight.
First of all let's talk about what the vape does to your body. It dehydrates you, and that's why you will most likely notice you are much more thirsty when you are vaping, and often need to reach for a drink. So what if we replaced the higher thirst with water instead of all the gloobity goop we all drink on a regular bases?
Doctors say we need 6 cups of water a day, and if by vaping you are drinking more water then you are already on the path to the weight loss you've been dreaming of! I challenge you, as I will challenge myself, for the next month to drink water when I'm vaping instead of all the sweat tea I normally inhale. Let's see if JUST that makes a difference.
But what about working out?
When you were inhaling carcinogens, carbon monoxide, dioxide, and all the other chemicals; you were reducing your blood flow. It's scientifically known that smokers have worst circulation, with constricted blood vessels, higher blood pressure, and less blood flow to those important muscles and parts (whoa, no one said it, you just thought it). It's the facts, Jack.
So what the hell does vaping do? Well with recent studies from heart and lung associations in Europe, they have found that vaping does not constrict your blood flow, nor does it raise your blood pressure. Your lungs take in more oxygen as the tar and crap is cleaned off of your future pink-again lungs.
We can deduce then, that you are able to take in more oxygen, and your blood can take it to your body and muscles more efficiently with better blood flow and the what not's.
So what? This means your workouts should have two side effects.
1) You should be able to work out longer, as you are getting better oxygen into your system, keeping your muscles moving and grooving at a much better pace; with more sustained stamina.
2) Your work outs should be more efficient. If you are getting all of the blood to those muscles they need, they will be able to put out more work, and therefore build quicker.
WARNING: You may be MORE sore then you have in the past from being able to work out harder and better.
This looks super yummy doesn't it? When we skip eating this to vape it instead, imagine the countless calories you can skip by using vaping to your advantage to satisfy your sweet tooth? Can we not also assume, that if you are vaping dessert instead of eating it, you are going to lose weight as well?
To recap:
You want to be Channing Tatum? Then do this:
Quit Smoking and Start Vaping
Drink a metric Fuckton of Water
Vape your Calories
Workout better
Profit from a healthier you!
It's so easy cavemen can do it:
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Chris Winfrey