Golden Revenger - This is the Mod you're looking for. *Update*

This beautiful non-labrador Golden Revenger is smiling big waiting for YOU!

Goldie was adopted!

Shiny - yet sophisticated. Small - yet full of power.. Goldie here makes even Air Bud go "dammmn".

The Batteries are hidden behind a stealth door - and Goldie even features a clock on the front so you can vape while you tell the time - and backwards!

You can adopt Goldie by herself - or with the Black Baby Beast on top of her! 

Goldie can be found here

You can find the Baby Beast here: (Choosing black will be fine - I'll make sure the right one is there!)

And Goldie needs 2 fresh 18650s to power her through the day - you can grab our Samsung Batteries right here!

Chris Winfrey