The Copper and The Dripper - Sitting in a Tree! *Update*

Normally you see these set ups in resale groups for lots of money. Today you're able to get the combo plus extras for significantly less then MSRP - especially with the rarety of the items themselves.

For true fans of perfect USA manufacturing - grab these and make it the staple of your collection!


Take home the combo right now here: 

The Dripper:

  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • 4mm deep wells (30mm version)
  • 6mm deep wells (22mm version)
  • Fully adjustable airflow from MTL to extremely loose lung drag
  • 3 piece cap eliminates readjusting airflow at each redrip, simply remove the tip
  • 3 post deck with 4 lead holes for ease of building
  • Pocketed centerpost is impossible to spin
  • High temp PEEK insulators
  • Bottom feed pin included

Comes with Copper Ring.

The Copper 26650
Serial Number 102

The Copper 26650 by Scottua of STC Designs, LLC. Hands down the BEST copper mechanical currently on the market! Authentic, serialized. Recessed magnetic switch built into the body, no threading in the switch whatsoever! Near-seamless top-cap.

  • Machined from a solid bar of 99.95% pure copper
  • 28x1 threaded topcap
  • Measures 30mm OD x 96mm Tall
  • High Temperature PEEK 510 insulator
  • Telescopic 510 positive pins machined from the same 99.95% pure copper
  • Magnetic button acutated by custom made N52 neodymium magnets
  • Requires 1 26650 MNKE or Sony US26650VT battery (NOT Included)
  • Includes The Adapter allowing the use of an 18650 battery ( battery NOT Included)
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Chris Winfrey