The Wismec Sisters! *Update*

Are they gonna like us? Oh … I don’t think they’re gonna like us. Do you think they’ll want to adopt us?

*All have been adopted*

These are some of the questions Reau, Beau, and Jeau have been asking as they've joined our Trade N Vape Orphanage! These three are insanely friendly - and all have gotten all their shots and tests done; now ready for your home. You can keep them together by adoption all 3; or you can pick just one! Beau is the Silver one, and she's a little more sophisticated and has an S at the end of her name.

wismec rx200


You can adopt 1 or all three right here:  Remember, the tanks and batteries don't come included with their adoption but you can grab the Batteries here!

Chris Winfrey