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SFATA Advocacy Update

SFATA Advocacy Update 0

Five Weeks from Now

We in the vapor industry are in a tough spot.  The hard truth is that if nothing changes in federal law, a single FDA regulation will put us out of business in just over 16 months

I would suggest we take action NOW, rather than accept that truth.

There are some glimmers of hope:

1. Several of the lawsuits are due for a decision any day now.  One of those could miraculously overturn the regulation! (though an appeal by the FDA would be likely). 

2. The new Administration could begin a new rulemaking process to change parts of the rule, or

3. The new Administration could decide to delay enforcement (even indefinitely), as SFATA has asked, on all of the current rule’s looming deadlines.  

Click HERE to quickly send a letter asking for this relief through the Administration.

But my father always told me, “Hope is NOT a strategy.” 

If you’re like me, you are more likely the type of person to take action yourself and create the future you desire.  Just waiting for life to happen is not within my DNA.

So, then, changing the law is clearly the best strategy.  And, Congress is the part of our government set up to listen to you, their constituent!  Are they hearing from you? Or, are you still using hope as your own strategy?

Now is the time to BE LOUDTurn it Up!

Here is what we are currently dealing with in Washington…

Five weeks from now, Congress will decide whether we are spared.  Congress can change the “predicate date” to allow all of our pre-August 8, 2016 products to remain on the market without PMTA’s required. 

This would be HUGE!  If Congress changes the predicate date in time, tens of thousands of products would be allowed to continue to be sold that would otherwise become illegal in 2018.

And, it is not often mentioned.  But, this also means those pre-August 8, 2016 products would then INSTANTLY become “predicate products.” The current wonderful kaleidoscope of vapor products offerings would become the key that allows this industry to then also continue to innovate! You could tweak future products through an easier FDA approval process, which is currently closed to us called through the “Substantially Equivalent” pathway.

So, just by moving the predicate date, it saves the industry as we know it AND provides for a future where we can at least make minor improvements to our products to better serve our customers.  Moving the predicate date is a TWO-FER! 

Will you roll up your sleeves once again and get to work making your voice heard today?

By April 28th, Congress must approve the spending bills for 2017.  Included in the House version of the bill (but not in the Senate version) is the Cole-Bishop Amendment language to change the this “predicate date” from February 2007 to August 2016.  

If the Senate does not “recede” to the House provision, the other options which remain available to us simply may not work in time to beat the clock on the Deeming Rule deadlines.  The best, wisest, most well-informed strategists in DC all agree that the best option is to call, write, and email your Senators(Particularly Democrats!).

Congressional discussions are going on already about this budget.  Urge your Congressmen to save your business and help reduce smoking NOW!

Here’s the specifics of what you need to do:

  1. Please ask your Senators to “Include the House Agriculture bill language, changing the predicate date for vapor products, in this FY 2017 spending bill.” 
  1. Please urge your House Representative to “Cosponsor the Cole Bishop bill (H.R. 1136)”  to show support for this language.

Let’s make these five weeks count!



  • Chris Winfrey
Vaping isn't Smoking, It's a Disease Prevention Method

Vaping isn't Smoking, It's a Disease Prevention Method 1

The Surgeon General recently joined tobacco control groups to condemn vaping, claiming this was another attack on public enemy number one.

This time, however, public health advocates need to assess and reject the mission-creep by these federal and nonprofit agencies.

And, as the new Administration pledges to slash many harmful regulations, it should include the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) recent vapor product regulation, which was touted as another important measure to protect children from Big Tobacco and nicotine.


Over the years, clinicians, behavioral scientists, and researchers have offered a sundry of ways to help addicted smokers to cut down on or, ideally, to quit smoking. Other than promoting price hikes and indoor smoking bans, those approaches have had humbling levels of success.

While not an elixir, a smoking reduction and abatement kit has come along — in the form of vaping — that satisfies the addiction by delivering nicotine, but sharply reduces the harm caused by inhaling cigarette smoke dozens or hundreds of times every day.

Because smoking is physically and psychologically addictive, some researchers think e-cigarettes satisfy both needs by mirroring the ritual of handling a nicotine-delivery device. Studies have found vaping to be more effective than other cessation techniques (drugs, counseling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, etc.) because of its capacity to yield sustained remissions.

Since 2009, adult cigarette smoking has declined by 25 percent and, since 2011, youth smoking has plummeted by 50 percent, due in part to vaping. But 27.6 million daily adult-smokers remain addicted to cigarettes.

Meanwhile there is no evidence that all other tobacco products combined cause more than minuscule levels of morbidity, disability, mortality and healthcare costs relaed to tobacco-related illnesses.

This is pivotal, for these other tobacco products are used by a total of 51 million adults in America (as of 2013-2014): E-Cigarettes (16.7 million), Cigars (13.2 million), Hookah (10.5 million), Smokeless Tobacco (8.6 million) and Pipes (2.0 million).

The 2015 National Health Information Survey found that 2.5 million adult vapers had quit smoking, and 5 million vapers were still smoking. In addition to helping many smokers quit, vaping has also emerged as the best strategy for sharply reducing cigarette consumption by smokers who continue to smoke.

Concomitantly, the risk associated with vaping e-cigs is negligible, save for a few reports of battery fires, largely due to consumer ignorance or negligence that can be reduced by better consumer education and repeal of the FDA’s regulation that has banned sales of all new safer vapor products in the U.S. since August.

Since cigarette smoking causes virtually all tobacco-linked diseases and deaths, it was counterintuitive that health groups lobbied President Obama’s FDA to extend cigarette regulations to vapor products. Vaping advocates rightly suspect that these nonprofits have exhibited mission-creep, as they abandoned their public health goals by lobbying to ban vaping and vapor products.

These rules protect deadly cigarettes and smoking cessation drugs from future market competition from e-cigs.

As a result, this double-edged empowerment sword emboldened the FDA to issue a Deeming Regulation that will ban the sale of virtually if not all vapor products to U.S. adults on Aug. 8, 2018, unless overturned by the Courts, repealed by Congress, and/or rescinded by the new Administration.

Even the Surgeon General’s report acknowledged “among adults, e-cigarettes are considered a far less harmful alternative because, unlike traditional cigarettes, they do not rely on combustion, which leads to inhalation of deadly carcinogenic particles, and 480,000 deaths each year.”

In explaining the potential harm of vaping, government entities cite animal experiments that claim nicotine can alter development of the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus in adolescents, and they suggest the flavoring-additives and combustion-products could also prove harmful. 

But there are no human studies supporting either assertion. 

Flavorings vary widely among e-cigs and are ubiquitous in retail products, and the basic science literature does not corroborate worriment about nicotine, which is available over-the-counter (as are gum, patch and lozenges) and by-prescription (as nasal-sprays and inhalers).

Just published by the American College of Physicians is a report concluding that e-cigarette users may be exposed to fewer carcinogens and toxins than smokers.

Seemingly forgotten in the war on vaping and tobacco is the fact that nicotine is recognized by the human body as a neurotransmitter, for the two main cholinergic receptors are nicotinic and muscarinic; these nerves are firing — constantly, automatically, physiologically — regardless of how much nicotine is absorbed from the environment.

Simply put, vaping delivers nicotine, but neither cancer-causing tar nor artery-clogging carbon-monoxide. Instead, it creates flavored water-vapor and can become the focus of consumer-protection oversight just as may other consumable products.

Furthermore, the Surgeon General found no proof that e-cigs serve as a gateway to smoking cigarettes.

To the contrary, government statistics find teens have largely replaced cigarette smoking with vaping.

We should be reminded that public health measures remain well-grounded in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, with cigarette smoking remaining public health enemy number one, the major cause of preventable disease, disability and death in America.

Rather than pursue reflex-action to demonize, ban, regulate and/or tax, vaping should be recognized as a disease prevention public health intervention.

There are many serious health problems the FDA and Surgeon General can guard Americans against. Lifesaving vapor products are not one of them.

Robert Sklaroff, M.D., medical oncologist; Bill Godshall, M.P.H., executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania; and Stephen F. Gambescia, Ph.D., professor at Drexel University have been active tobacco control advocates at the local, state, and national levels for 35 years.

  • Chris Winfrey
Meet The Staff: Tyler Carter; Hanes Mall Manager

Meet The Staff: Tyler Carter; Hanes Mall Manager 0

Tyler is a Southern born and bred, gun toting, rootin tootin, Korn loving, Redskin's worshiping Trade N Vape Hustla. He's also the New Manager of our Hanes Mall Location.

When he's headbanging to "metal" music he also likes to imagine his name on a sign, welcoming all in his path.

Tyler Texas Tyler Trade N Vape

Tyler holds a few sales records for Trade N Vape, including Most Sales in a Day, Most Sales in a Month, Most Nside Traders in a day and Most Nside Traders in a Month. He has consistently lead leader boards, and his customer feedback is outstanding. We value Tyler as part of our team and can't see what records he breaks next.


How Do You Come Up With Used Vape Prices and Quotes?

How Do You Come Up With Used Vape Prices and Quotes? 0

At Trade N Vape, our Trade In Quotes are based off of an algorithm of current online-market pricing and are subject to change as online prices change.

Because we - Trade N Vape - pride ourselves in being a Brick and Mortar with competitive-to-online prices; A lot of the times - our quote for your devices are equal to or higher than current WHOLESALE rates.

You will also find that our prices on New and used devices in our store are equal to or better than most online pricing - and using your credit at our store will get you more for less; and that new cycle of savings will begin!

Trade N Vape has the right to refuse any trade ins. 

We require proof of authenticity to consider any device authentic - otherwise we will assume it is a clone, and all clones and mods older than the current year are under a flat rate quote. 

We will pay the shipping on any trade-ins valued at $100 or more.

Thank you for considering selling to Trade N Vape - we can't wait to do business with you!

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Do You Want Free Juice for a Year? This is How (FAQ)

Do You Want Free Juice for a Year? This is How (FAQ) 0

We here at Trade N Vape are super proud of our Nside Trader Pro Program - where our Nside Trader Pro's get 12% off everything except brand new hardware. 

On top of the everyday savings - we give you one free bottle of VaperSlam Ejuice Per Month! 

Lastly - when you submit your trade ins to us we will add 12% more credit to your quote!

Make More, Save More - Vape Better. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I Buy this and/or use this on the Website?

Yes! You Can! Click here to buy the card. If you are purchasing the Digital Only option - we will convert your account to an Nside Trader Pro account and you will automatically see your discount whenever shopping the store! If you request a physical card we will ship you one - and you will ALSO get converted to get your savings on the website!

2) I Live out of state, how do I get my free juice?

Great question! Every month we will email out a special promo code that gets you your free bottle of juice - you will only need to pay the small shipping fee. That's it. Easy peasy.

3) What if I tell all my friends about it and they get the Nside Trader Pro Card?

Then make sure they tell us because when they tell us we will turn around and give you a $10 gift card which can be used in store and online!

SFATA Advocacy Update

SFATA Advocacy Update 0

See BREAKING NEWS at the end of this message!

Change the Music

If you have a working television in your home, you surely haven’t missed that this week in Congress has been consumed with the “repeal and replace” efforts surrounding the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).  It is truly like listening to music played on a one-note piano at times.

We anticipated this would be the case, as this is an issue which has been discussed as campaign promise in every election since its passage in 2009.  But, boy, does it pull most of the oxygen out of the room when we are competing with this issue for attention.

Our Fly-In last week was very well-timed, partly for this reason.  Constituents showing up and intelligently laying out their issues and specific requests for action is probably a nice departure from the issue du jour with all of the political rhetoric and panic around that.  Since the Fly-In, Mike has been working hard to help our members do follow up work with the various offices they visited and has been impressed with the reception to their efforts.
The work by the SFATA members who came to DC is yielding results already and I expect more will come as they follow up with more information, thank you notes, emails, and calls to those same offices.  For instance, co-sponsors have been added to Cole-Bishop bill (HR 1136). And, Representative Hudson (R-NC) has begun a letter-signing effort in support of inclusion of this same Cole-Bishop language in a funding bill.
You are making a difference individually and we are collectively moving the needle.  The momentum shift can be felt in the discussions SFATA members had in DC last week and those Mike has had this week.  Great job!
There is also tremendous movement within the advocacy community and new spirit of cooperation has emerged. You witnessed it this week with the release of our first of many unified projects to advocate for federal changes in the law through support for HR 1136.
The deadline for finishing Fiscal Year 2017 spending bills remains April 28th, which means we need to work together to make sure the language in the Cole-Bishop Amendment to move the predicate date is included in that budget.  Watch your inboxes for specific instructions on this coming soon!
For those keeping score: Here is some of your early results
Co-sponsors to date on HR 1136, the Cole-Bishop Bill, the “FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017”
Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-2)
Rep. Sanford Bishop (GA-2) (original cosponsor)
Rep. Chris Collins (NY-27) (on committee)
Rep. George Holding (NC-2)
Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI-2)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) (on committee)
Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) (on committee)
Rep. Hal Rogers (KY-5)
Rep. F. Sensenbrenner (WI-5)
Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15)
Rep. Mac Thornberry (TX-13)
Rep. Bruce Westerman (AR-4)
Rep. Steve Womack (AR-3)
Rep. Kevin Yoder (KS-3)

BREAKING NEWS: Just as I was about to send this, I received news from Mike!  Trump has nominated Dr. Scott Gottlieb to be the new FDA Commissioner.  Politico described him as "a conservative drug industry insider and former FDA and CMS official," who has close ties to the drug industry.  Read more about Mr. Gottlieb here from NPR!

  • Chris Winfrey
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