Can Ya Smelllllelelelelele. What the Freeze is Vaping?

What Am I Vaping? 

March 2018


The weather is still frigid here in good ol' North Carolina - yet the leaves have begun sprouting back to their emerald lives. Birds are returning - and with them the inevitable bees. It's rain and storm season - mixed with occasional bouts of sleet and hail as the northern Winter Storms draw down upon our southern lands with arctic breeze.

Amidst that - is Freeze. Working at Trade N Vape in Hanes Mall, Winston Salem NC. 

One of the joys of working in a Buy, Sell, Trade, Vape shop is that one gets to test used mods as they come in - which means my daily use rotation changes more frequently then celebrities being called out by the #metoo movement.

The theme of March: Squonking. I have a feeling the Squonk will be King for the most part of this year - if not into next. Squonking has re-redefined what dripping and rebuilding are capable of - while making dripping less of a mess and more of a pleasure. Squonking isn't new by any means - as I remember my first Rio from around 2013 - but it's recently gotten into the mainstream as Chinese and American manufacturers look to innovate on current technology. Taking from the underground - and changing the term to "bottom fill" - we now have a plethora (yes I said plethora) of squonk devices on the market - and a pipe line deeper then the plot holes in Donald Trump's sexcapades stories - of products on the horizon. 

Vandy Vape Pulse BF (aka Squonk)

Vandy Vape is tearing up the market across all fronts - coming out with some of my favorite Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (Kensei and Kylin), the Pulse (with the Pulse 80w on the way to distributors near you), and their many different takes on RDAs! The Maze will be amazing on regulated devices - but I feel that it doesn't really meet it's potential with unregulated single battery set ups.

The Pulse is redefining simple and thrifty. Strong plastics that make it look ALMOST 3D printed - but strong and resistant to the beating I have given this little beauty. It's tiny - and packs the accolades of Power, Battery Life, and usability into a mod smaller then my palm - in its entirety. 20700 and 18650 capable with the coolest on/off switch I have seen in a mod - this little baby has been my favorite to use while driving or gaming!

Juice in the Pulse: Coco By The Pound, 3mg.

vandy vape pulse ultum bf squonk freeze trade n vape blessings

Here I am in the crouch giving the #blessings to the Vandy Vape Pulse. I chose Ultem, not only for its soft amber brown, but also for durability and matchy matchy to my Tank by Scottua.

As far as mechanical dripping - there really is no better then the Vandy Vape pulse for big air flow - easy deck - and yummy taste.


Wismec Luxotic BF (Squonk)

What looks like a high end mod - performs like a high end mod - but costs a TON less than a high end mod? The Wismec Luxotic.

The Honeycomb panels will make you think this is a $1000 mod because of what you've seen in the vaping world - but this bad boy costs a fraction of that. Sporting the small "Tobhino" RDA on top - this is a better flavor maker then the Vandy Vape Pulse RDA. Simply because of the smaller chamber, and more restrictive air flow. Jaybo over at Wismec has been on the forefront for over 2 years with innovations and inventions in the vaping world - and this is just another hit on his long list of hits.

The Tobhino is the perfect mix of the Tohb and Bambino (or Derringer for those who used that). It's perfect for a single coil build! What's even more surprising maybe, is that the box had 2 really well made alien coils inside it - and to my surprise - they are fantastic even on this unregulated mod! I can't wait to see a v2 regulated version of this mod! (Don't judge me because I vape hot!)

Juice in the Luxotic: The One Lemon Crumble

crotch chop wismec luxotic freeze vaping used usa in stock vape

Sometimes you gotta just crotch chop at beautiful mods. I used the included adapter to put a custom Resin 810 drip tip on top to really make this device pop!

I highly recommend the Wismex Luxotic as a 2nd Squonk!


Smok Procolor 225w - Older but Hard Working!

To round out my March vapes, I have The Tank by Scottua sitting on top of my Red ProColor sporting the blue LED in true Trade N Vape fashion! This Procolor was traded in today - so I'll be testing it for a few days before throwing it on the shelf!

The Procolor - in my opinion - takes everything the Alien did right - and leaves everything it did wrong behind. It feels more durable then the Alien. The door holds better, the trigger feels better. And - we haven't had any reports on problems with it like the Alien has been riddled with.

The LED is a nice touch - not something I personally want or need in a mod, but I'm not shying away from it either. 

Juice in the Tank: Polar Bear


This is what I'm vaping on in March. What are you vaping on this month?

Grab yourself something new or used; and enjoy what you vape - how you vape - when you vape.

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare