How Do You Come Up With Used Vape Prices and Quotes?

At Trade N Vape, our Trade In Quotes are based off of an algorithm of current online-market pricing and are subject to change as online prices change.

Because we - Trade N Vape - pride ourselves in being a Brick and Mortar with competitive-to-online prices; A lot of the times - our quote for your devices are equal to or higher than current WHOLESALE rates.

You will also find that our prices on New and used devices in our store are equal to or better than most online pricing - and using your credit at our store will get you more for less; and that new cycle of savings will begin!

Trade N Vape has the right to refuse any trade ins. 

We require proof of authenticity to consider any device authentic - otherwise we will assume it is a clone, and all clones and mods older than the current year are under a flat rate quote. 

We will pay the shipping on any trade-ins valued at $100 or more.

Thank you for considering selling to Trade N Vape - we can't wait to do business with you!

Chris Winfrey