I Don't Always Agree With Virginia Foxx.. But When I Do.. She Quotes Me.

Virginia Foxx and I definitely do not see eye to eye on every issue - and I don't expect to with her or any elected official. She was elected into office in 2004, and has served our district for 14 years. 

Virginia Foxx is against Net Neutrality which is a BIG concern of mine - and one of the few political points that I have a strong opinion to the left side. We have seen what the internet is without Net Neutrality - and it's a horrible environment for internet users to have to pay for capped data, and selective access - with the ever growing file sizes and documents being transferred. That, and the Internet isn't owed by the providers, and it's considered a basic human necessity in today's world.

But all of that aside, Virginia Foxx IS against regulations that I agree are over stepping. Do I think that E-cigs should be regulated some? Absolutely. With sensible, logical regulations like label requirements (no child like or trademark infringing labels), clean lab manufacturing, child proof bottles, and age minimums. Those ALL make sense to me.

But Flavor Bans? Calling E-liquid, cotton, mods, wire, batteries, and non nicotine items Tobacco Products? Absolutely not. Adults like flavors too Pumpkin! You can read my comparison blog about this top here. 

The FDA wants to categorize vaping as if it's tobacco, and it's just not. If their argument is "anything with nicotine" then we should go ahead and label tomatoes and eggplants as tobacco products. (Just to name a couple). They say "nicotine comes from tobacco so it's tobacco."... But just because Diamonds come from Coal doesn't make Coal also diamonds.

That, and we have a ton of synthetic nicotine... so where does that fall?

Recently I emailed Virginia Foxx again, to encourage support for the Cole Bishop Bill. Below is her response.

virginia foxx cole bishop bill fda vaping regulations response


 She mentioned a YouTube video I had never seen, so I decided to watch it. It's from 2016. I have written Virginia Foxx many, many times throughout the years to continue to keep the issue in mind.

People my age, millennials, believe our voice isn't being heard. Today, I learned the contrary.

Take a look at this short video below, where Virginia Foxx is given 5 minutes on the floor to discuss her disagreement with the over reaching regulations, to which she quotes me personally. I've never felt like my voice was actually being heard before today.

Chris Winfrey. That's me. I know tons of us are writing emails, making phone calls, and doing our parts. It's nice to get a little snippet back saying "I hear you, I understand you, and your thoughts matter".

Go out and contact your representatives, use the process that our Democratic Republic is built upon - and you will be heard. Virginia Foxx showed me that with this video.

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare