May the 4th Be With You This Month!

What Am I Vaping? 

May 2018


I've been at the store open to close for coming on 7 months at Trade N Vape in Hanes Mall, Winston Salem NC. It has been a great experience - the new location is fun and people love it. And we're going to be hiring someone very soon!

One of the joys of being here all day every day is that I get to help old mods find new homes. We get in the most amazing variety of used mods, tanks, and RDA's for people in all levels of vaping - from the cheaper starter kits all the way up to the HexOhm and other high end mods. 

Here are the happy recipients of used HexOhms!

The theme of May is: Regulated Squonking. Squonking has been hype - but with regulated squonking we're finally getting to a place of better battery safety, as well as higher watt capabilities! The iJoy PD216 has been a great Squonk, with the power and battery life; and the really interesting bottle design - we're fans, and our customers are fans!

Pod systems continue to dominate - and I don't see them coming out of style for a long time.

Suorin Drop Starter Kit: $54.99
30 Mil bottle of Salt Trade (10 flavors): $17.99
Battery Life: Dope as fuck.
Total Money invested in your brighter tomorrow: $72.98

iJoy Capo 216 SRDA Squonk Kit.


I have tried a plethora of squonk devices - and I've loved most the Pulse and the Luxotic. Until the iJoy Capo came out. I'm setting the Vandy Vape Pulse down for the time being and using the Capo as my all day vape. The higher juice capacity, longer battery life, and higher power make it a great choice for me.

There is one Con to this that's kind of a big deal to me. The SRDA that comes with the Squonk kit is great - except that it uses a prebuilt coil that I feel they used way too much cotton in. I replaced the cotton and became instantly more satisfied. That, and getting the replaceable RDA decks for the SRDA seems impossible right now at a wholesale level. Other than that, perfect. Infact, it might behoove me to just throw the Pulse BF on it and have at it. 

Juice in the iJoy: Cones Honeydew Melon, 3mg.

ijoy capo
Here I am with the orange iJoy Capo. Orange is the new black, after all.


The Penguin has Marched Again.


I'm back on the Penguin as a nice All-In-One for when I don't want to deal with dripping or building. The Penguin is still one of my all time favorite devices, and my favorite All In One. The battery life and juice capacity (8.8mils) is key here and this is still my number 1 recommended for newer vapers who want to go to higher wattage but don't want the hassle of glass tanks. That, and the ease of switching the cartridges to switch flavors in a matter of seconds (Think gameboy games and popping one out, and popping another in.)

Flavor isn't as bright on menthol flavors, but that's just one caveat that is easily out weighed by convenience. 

Juice in the Penguin: Rounds Blue Mango, 3mg.

atopack penguin clouds
Sometimes you have to just admire the clouds bro, clouds. 


Jam Monster Blackberry - Limited Edition.

To round out my May vapes, I feel the necessity to highlight again, this juice.

Admittedly, I am not a personal fan of Jam Monster Eliquid... Except this one. I have not liked any of the previous Jam Monster Eliquids, even though my customers and so many people around the world do. This one has changed that completely.

Jam Monster Blackberry takes a fruit I didn't know I wanted - and puts it on front street backed by the notes of a toasty butteryness that allows the Blackberry to shine. The Butter toast is interesting - it's not over powering - but it's not under powering either. It sits right in a perfect spot, and I find myself reaching for it often in my VGod RDA. I'm on my 4th 100 mil bottle of Jam Monster Blackberry - which surprises me very much.

Don't wait around - this is a limited edition eliquid and when it's gone - it's gone.

Jam Monster Blackberry, 3mg, dripped into my VGod RDA

This is what I'm vaping on in May.

Don't forget we have 10% off all 100 mils all month long in May. We also have some 100 mil flavors on Overstock Discount - no promo code necessary!

What is your go to vape of the Spring?

Grab yourself something new or used; and enjoy what you vape - how you vape - when you vape.

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare