Meet The Staff: Naaman Root; District Manager.

When Naaman joined the Trade N Vape Family - he did so as an employee at our old Greensboro Location. We quickly saw a hunger in him to learn more, and be better. This lead to promotions, and responsibility increases; and now the title of District Manager. We are proud of Naaman's hard work and want to see him continue success.

Naaman has been in the Vaping industry for quite a few years, having worked for MadVapes for a few years in their distribution channels and convention set ups. 

Naaman Trade N Vape

When Naaman isn't too busy watching Anime; he can be found hanging out with his wife and their son.  He believes his Mazda is the greatest car in the world - and he's a fan of Sauced. Sometimes - he dresses pretty suave.

Naaman NvisiVape

Naaman pictured running the NvisiVape Booth.

We look forward to seeing him grow as a District Manager, and an Employee. Give him a thumbs up on the Facebook page!

Naaman's favorite juice that we carry is Sauced


Chris Winfrey