My Ten-Year Journey Into Vaping *Guest Blog*

I started smoking cigarettes at the eighteen. I went from one cigarette a day to half a pack a day over the course of ten years in my life. Around 2010 I started hearing about E-Cigs. It didn’t pick up momentum at the time, simply because it was not providing the nicotine high people were used to. Honestly, the first time I tried an e-cigarette I hated it. It gave me headache. I couldn’t taste the unique flavor.

Fast forward four years later, technology advanced, flavors got better, and more
vapor production started occurring from devices. My next encounter with vaping started customers would come into my store -  Vapor Smoke Shop - and ask if we carried kanthal wires, mechanical mods, subohm devices, and ego 510 threading batteries. While vaping was still new to me, I ordered them. I learned as much as I could about these products and started selling them to new and existing smokers.

As the industry quickly gained momentum, products became more sophisticated and advanced. Customers were loving the whole idea of blowing a big cloud without making or rebuilding a coil onto an RDA. The category sub-ohm tank came out – coils could be below one ohm resistance. The lower the number, the more clouds and flavor you get. A very popular tank at the end of 2014 was the Aspire Atlantis. This tank uses a pre-made coil that is able to blow clouds anywhere between 25-30 watts.

Customers started to make the transition over the regular non-sub ohm batteries to the sub ohm setups. Soon after two weeks of using our products we started seeing a trend of customers not buying cigarettes anymore. Instead, they would buy the juice or the coil. Vaping soon took over as the preferred method of smoking.

And that's when I realized, if everyone else can do it, why can’t I? I picked a device up, found a flavor that smelled good. Ever since that day, March 18th 2015, I haven't picked up a cigarette since.

Vaping has dramatically decreased my urge for nicotine. I occasionally vape now in the evenings after dinner while watching TV. With vaping, I can smell, taste, and see things more clearly.
Vaping has not impeded on my physical health, either. I am still able to run a mile with no hesitation, and I can perform day to day activities with no break at all.

With CBD oil and Kratom being a big trend in our industry, these two types of products have helped our customers out drastically in their day to day life with pain/anxiety/insomnia. Not that anyone of these products are FDA approved at the moment, this doesn’t stop people from trying it at least once.

Suhail Thaker

Suhail has over ten years of vaping experience. He is committed to providing a unique experience for all vaping customers by staying on top of industry vaping trends and keeping the newest vape technology in stock