New Study Proves E-Cigs are Far Less Harmful Than Cigarettes

Tell us something we didn't know. 

For years we in the vaping community have been trying to tell everyone how we are healthier, happier, and better off. We can smell again - we can breathe better - we get sick less - we don't wake up with mucus filled lungs. Time and time again we got told we were wrong. 

We still have customers who come in all the time and tell us they heard "vaping is worse than cigarettes".. Usually leaving me with a dumbfounded look of disbelief.

Why? Because the media has been successful in demonizing the life saving technology that is vaping. We've been screaming from the roof tops for years that the media was trying to paint vaping in a bad light - and they have been successful.

However; the studies continue to get published from research centers globally showing that e-cigs are "at least 95% safer then cigarettes". (Royal College of Physicians). 

In the recent study published on Jama they say "

"The users of [e-cigarettes] are exposed to several toxicants," Goniewicz said. "On the other hand, when we compared with the tobacco smokers, then we found that the levels of the toxicant in the e-cigarette users are significantly lower."
The mean concentration of total nicotine equivalents was 93% lower in e-cigarette-only users than in traditional cigarette smokers."

No body who sells vapes or is a vaper will tell you it's safer to vape then to do nothing at all - I think we can all agree that inhaling 0 things is better (Though I would argue the toxic fumes from vehicles are much worse for you). That being said - if you are addicted to nicotine then there is NO question which of these is safer - and which one has no carcinogens inside it. 

It's basic math. 4,000+ chemicals in cigarettes versus 4-10 (depending on flavorings) of eliquid.

It's not even close.



Jama Network Study

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare