OPINION: Smok Continues to Own the Pod Market?

When the Lost Vape Orion hit the market the entire community took a breath of excitement as we saw a new style of Pod system come out - changing the game. Adjustable power, metal finish, high quality parts - with the high price tag to boot. 

See, before we got to that we had gone from Blu's and cig-a-likes in the late 00's and early 10's, we went through the Mech mod and box mod boom of the 10s, and then in 2016 we saw early rumblings of the shift to the pod system as the majority of vapor devices. 

We've seen them come and go - bad and worse, and then better. The Cync and other closed pod system devices failed to garnish an audience. The Tuul sold because snot nosed children found ways to get them and hide them due to them being everywhere (which has caused tremendous harm to the vaping industry). We saw push back on the closed systems. 

Then we started seeing open pod systems. Not all of them great by any means. The Suorin products dropped quick from the Air to the Drop to the Vagon to the iShare. During that time Smok released their first batch of Pod systems, all of which in my opinion, sucked. The Badge was a rip off of the Suorin Drop and didn't perform or hold up as well. The Infinix was trash.

Our top selling pod systems were all Suorin made - until the Novo. 

smok trinity alpha lost vape orion

Pictured here are the Smok Trinity Alpha, Smok's newest entry; alongside the Lost Vape Orion Q. 

The Novo was a game changer for its air flow, longevity of pods, battery life, and build. 

Then Smok continued to knock them out of the park - so much so that we havent stocked Suorin products since. The Nord came out, and we loved it. The recent release of the Mico was well recieved. 

But then, The Smok Trinity Alpha. Their direct response to the Lost Vape Orion. The Smok Trinity Alpha uses the Nord coils; but has the form factor of the Orion. It's adjustable unlike the Nord. It's beautiful, well made, and has amazing flavor. 

Today I vaped it side by side with the Lost Vape Orion Q  and it was instantly noticeable how much better the Smok Trinity Alpha is to the Orion. Air flow, power, taste, all of it. 

It's cheaper too. That, and you just pop the coil in and out with press fit accuracy. 

lost vape orion smok trinity alpha

The Trinity Alpha is slightly wider then the Orion Q

It comes in the box with 2 coils - which is more then the Lost Vape Orion's can say, as they all come without a Pod at all. 

Im not saying the Orion is bad, it's not.

But it's also not the Smok Trinity Alpha

Smok, in our opinion, is continuing to dominate the Open Pod System market and if they continue with products like they are, we don't see that changing soon. But if change is to come, it's always welcome.

We do think that Trade N Vape's Salt Trade Eliquid line is perfect with these devices. Freeze is currently vaping Hot Freeze in 30mg in the Trinity Alpha. We bought these products to use in this opinion piece and this post is not sponsored in any way by anyone other then Trade N Vape itself. 

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare