Remember Remember the 11th of November

What Am I Vaping? 

November 2018
November 11th, 2018 is our 3 year Anniversary and we will be doing some BIG promotions - so be on the lookout on our Instagram, Facebook, and Mailing lists for that!

It's been just over a year since I came in to start working all day every day here at  Trade N Vape in Hanes Mall, Winston Salem NC. It has been a great experience - the new location downstairs by Cinnabon has been recieved very well - and we finally hired a new employee! Make sure to welcome back Naaman! We're also hiring right now to fill one more position! 

One of the joys of being here all day every day is that I get to help old mods find new homes. We get in the most amazing variety of used mods, tanks, and RDA's for people in all levels of vaping - from the cheaper starter kits all the way up to the HexOhm and other high end mods. 

naaman root trade n vape winston salem
Naaman Root has been welcomed back into the fold here at Trade N Vape

The theme of November is: Regulated Squonking. Squonking has been hype - but with regulated squonking we're finally getting to a place of better battery safety, as well as higher watt capabilities! The new Snow Wolf by Sigelei stuns with his beautiful golden body, resin doors, and 100w out put! All from a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery. 

Pod systems continue to dominate - and I don't see them coming out of style for a long time. We've seen some new pod systems coming out that are just upping the game again - including the Smok Novo kit and the new VooPoo VFL which we are bringing in to test as we speak.

Smok Novo Starter Kit: $49.99
30 Mil bottle of Salt Trade (Now 15 flavors): $17.99
Battery Life: Dope as fuck.
Total Money invested in your brighter tomorrow: $67.98

Sigelei Snow Wolf O-100w Squonk Kit.

 I have been fortunate enough to have tried many squonk devices, from regulated to unregulated. One of the complaints I had about the Vandy Vape Pulse is how lite it is. To many that's a pro - but I have big hands and found myself throwing it on accident. Other then that I loved it - but wanted more power.

Enter the Sigelei Snow Wolf. This bad boy weighs a whopping 12.8oz with a battery and atty on it.  It's the type of self-defense box mod that feels like a brick - and will hold up on those hard floor falls!

The included RDA is for single coil builds - which to me is just perfect at 90w (using our Aries JJ Fused Staggered Claptons). A Con for some would be how heavy it is - or the big wolf on the side. But I dig the wolf. Another con to some - would be the squonk bottle is slightly more recessed into the mod - forcing you to go more then just a knuckle deep into the hole to squirt it. 

Juice in the Snow Wolf: The One Apple Cinnamon; 3mg.

sigelei snow wolf squonk bf gold
Here I am with the gold and black resin Sigelei Snow Wolf, as I contemplate deliciousness. 


The One Apple Cinnamon


What can I say about the entire line of The One that hasn't been said 1000s of times? It's one of the only premium lines on the market that I have loved multiple flavors from. Out of the 4 they now have - I love 3 of them. That's pretty good odds in my opinion. The Blueberry and Lemon Crumble are both fantastic to me - but the Apple Cinnamon takes the cake. As Dj Khalid would say - #AnotherOne.
Beard Vape Co (who produces this lovely line) continues to knock it out of the park The One Apple Cinnamon will remind you of Apple Jacks cereal - but if you're and old school vaper like I am - you may remember Snake Bite from Seduce Juice - and this is the closest I've seen to it. 
the one apple cinnamon
Warning: Freeze may contain nicotine. 


Smok Novo Pod System. Finally!

To round out my November vaping I present the first Smok Pod system that I feel is actually worth being on our shelves - the Smok Novo. I was not a fan of their previous entries into the market and felt like Suorin owned the top of the pile.. but the Smok Novo deserves the spot light right beside, if not above, the Suorins.

Admittedly, I was super impressed with the Smok Novo. One of the things it has above the rest is that it comes with 2 pods in the box - which is very nice whether you want to try 2 different Salt Trade Eliquids; 1 Salt Trade and 1 CBD, or just 2 pods for your favorite. I find that to be highly desirable and I like it even more that their Smok Novo Replacement Pods come in a box of 3!

Teamed with the Smok Novo Pod system - we have added 5 new flavors to our Salt Trade eliquid line - including my personal favorite and our October top seller: Hot Freeze. For those Fire and Ice Fans. For those Cinnamon and Menthol fans. For those who just want some Hot Freeze in their mouth - Hot Freeze was made just for you. Give it a try - you may be surprised how pleasing it is to have the red hot fire ball in your mouth with the coolness of some yummy menthol.


 smok novo
Smok Novo paired with Hot Freeze is a Dream Come True.

What is your go to vape for the fall??

Grab yourself something new or used; and enjoy what you vape - how you vape - when you vape.

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare