Science Report: No Lasting Effects From Vaping

A study recently published had a goal of identifying any harm or health outcomes to blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, lung function, respiratory symptoms, exhaled breath nitric oxide, carbon monoxide - all while using high resolution tomography of the lungs. 

The study was done for 3.5 years on a group of daily e-cg users who's average age was 29.7 who had never smoked cigarettes and also a group of twelve that had never smoked(and were not using e-cigs) as a reference group.

They detected no significant changes over the observation period from the baseline in the E-Cig users or between the E-cig users and the control subjects (those who were not daily vaping). 

Also: no findings could be identified on the High Resolution Computed Tomography of the lungs, and no respiratory symptoms were consistently reported in the E-Cig group.

Their conclusion: "this study did not demonstrate any health concerns associated with long-term use of Electronic Cigarettes in relatively young users who did not also smoke tobacco."

Their discussion continued: " This small study, the first of its kind to date, found no detectable changes in lung health in never smokers who have been regularly vaping for at least 4 years. Daily exposure to Electronic Cigarette(EC) aerosol emissions caused no significant changes in any of the health outcomes investigated, including measures of lung function and lung inflammation. Moreover, no significant structural abnormalities could be identified on HRCT of the lungs and no respiratory symptoms were consistently reported. In spite of the small sample size and lack of comparison to smokers, careful examination of long-term health effects of EC use in a rare cohort of regular daily users who have never smoked in their life may contribute to the current understanding of the potential health risks associated with EC use.Six of the nine EC users who completed the study were still consuming nicotine-containing e-liquids as reported on their last visit. Tobacco combustion products, not nicotine, cause most of the adverse health effects of smoking"

What we learn from this study - is that vaping - whether you smoked or not - has not only no adverse effects, but in never smokers - no effects at all. It's as if they've never vaped. We can also hypothesis through conclusion - that if there is no damage being done to the lung through vaping - then upon quitting smoking in favor of vaping - the lungs would begin to heal, and eventually heal fully. (As this is what happens to a smoker when they quit with any method).

This is good news for vaping - and it backs up everything that we've been saying for years and years. 

Vaping is the key to saving a generation from lung cancer, COPD, and other tobacco - related illness and disease.

As Seen on in the Scientific Report: Health Impact of E-Cigarettes: A prospective 3.5 year study of regular daily users who have never Smoked.  

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare