The HexOhm Lifetime Warranty

By Chris Winfrey
on February 13, 2018

The HexOhm Lifetime Warranty

We here at Trade N Vape take used mods of all shapes and sizes - but nothing is as exciting as when we get a Used HexOhm in! Why? Because they are backed by a Lifetime Warranty! Made right here in the USA, Craving Vapor started the HexOhm as a DIY box mod; and it quickly became the highest in demand box mod. This was well before there were companies doing boxes on the market like Wismec, Kanger, and Smok. They were around in some way shape and form - but not doing box mods.

When the HexOhm launched it was arguably the most powerful mod on the market - an the Craving Vapor team has continued to innovate and update to continue offering a stellar product at a great price.

We get asked all the time "what does HexOhm's warranty cover". Who better to explain it, then Craving Vapor themselves? Below, you will find their Warranty information, straight from their support center.

"Arguably the best thing about being a HexOhm owner is that every HexOhm comes with a lifetime warranty! We get many questions about what the warranty does and does not cover, so this document will attempt to outline this

Examples of things we cover:

  • Burnt Chips
  • Broken Potentiometer
  • Battery sled replacement
  • Mechanical problems with the 510
Examples of things we don't cover:
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Engravings wearing off over time during normal use.
  • Any Alterations to the internals done by the user.
One of the most common issues raised is about the Bullet Button. We do not now, and likely will not ever manufacture any button caps outside of the ones that come with your HexOhm. Don't hesitate to purchase and install one if you like, but we do not currently carry them.  If you break your button housing while installing or uninstalling the bullet buttons, we will not repair/replace the housing for you and it will void your warranty.

Another commonly asked question is "Will getting custom engraving at another vendor void my warranty?" -No, you can get an engraving at the engraver of your choice and this will not void the lifetime warranty. 

If you still have any questions or concerns about warranty related issues - please submit a ticket via our ticketing system, and our support team will answer any questions that you have."

Chris Winfrey

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