To Make a Lung Story Short...

You've likely seen "reports" surfacing in the "news" recently that loosely attempt to tie vaping to an increase in lung diseases and even a death.  Using terms like "could be" and "we don't know" - to fill even the most sure-footed of thinkers with fear. 

Those reports are conjecture at best.

Many advocates for vaping, including Greg Conley, came out immediately rebuking these "reports" - requesting more investigation as the culprit was likely underground and illegal THC cartridges which appear to look like vaping tech of the past (5+ years ago) - yet aren't the same thing. The devices needed to power these THC cartridges are the same; but the contents are not.

If anyone with a kinder-gardener level investigative mind would take the time to check out the process of turning Marijuana into the THC cartridges, you would see heavy use of Butane and tests would show high level of other toxins being left behind during that process. 8/10 Rocket Scientists agree about that being harmful for you.

Scott Gottleib vaping FDA

 Scott Gottlieb, former FDA director, putting the squash on the fear.

The Vaping Industry has been plagued with counterfeit products since it's inception; and reputable brands have been fighting tooth and nail against that since the beginning. Through trademark infringing liquid branding; to complete product rip offs - clones are nothing new.

This is way different.

This is a calculated attack on our industry, putting vaping to blame for something that is illegal in most states. Black markets are created through illegality - and the dangerous side effects are apparent. The Marijuana industry is responsible for these lung cases and deaths - not the Vaping industry. We have sought to distance ourselves from the very beginning; yet it's our lack of being louder in contention to the reports that is allowing us to be held to blame. 

That's like me blaming Pillsbury for the cake because I am fat. 

Source: Former FDA head blames counterfeit e-cigarettes for rise in vape-related lung disease.


Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare