Trade N Vape: #1 The History

The Path of Trade N Vape has been a long, curvy road. Two best friends who met in 2006; worked together for years; eventually decided it was time to do something more. Be more. They have created companies, brands, friends, and more. Some failed - some evolved... but all were learning processes that led Mooch and Freeze to opening Trade N Vape on November 11th, 2015.

In 2013 - Freeze was working a job for ADT Security and Mooch was playing music every night; when they got into Vaping as a means to quit smoking: Both were successful with this en devour. Mid Summer, Freeze created a Facebook group that would be the ground zero to everything they've built since then: The Vape Association. What started as a local group in Winston Salem, NC led to a vast collection of people interested in vaping from all around the country. What they created was something amazing; the TVA Card. A card that cost members $10 a year - to give them 10% at TVA Affiliate Stores. What did that mean? That meant Mooch and Freeze went to vape shops around the area and asked them to agree to the discount, and they would put a TVA window decal up at stores that said yes. They built a marketing platform on accident: and it led to their first VapeMania; VapeMania 13. This 6 vendor, 300 people 3 hour mini event was a huge success.

Totally Vaping Awesome

Mooch and Freeze decided to start a podcast about nothing; by vapers. It was called The TVA Show (Totally Vaping Awesome) They retired from the podcast world at the end of 2015 - ending their Podcast career at over 471,638 plays on soundcloud alone!

Why did this matter? Because they went to their TVA Stores and sold them Podcast sponsorship. As they did this they began planning VapeMania 14, which would be the first of over 8 National Conventions held on the East Coast, winning awards in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for Best Convention.

Best Convention VapeMania

Best Convention VapeMania

They were named VapeMania and VaperSlam; they are still doing their conventions but have dropped back to one a year; with the next one coming Sept 22-24, 2017; VapeMania 17 (the 5th VapeMania).

VapeMania 17


The Conventions were clearly a success - and with their earnings they decided it was time to do one of Freeze's passion Projects. They had tried a failed juice line called Kliquid Vapor; They invested in Mooch's Wife's business Color and Coffee which has been a thriving business for a few years!

But Freeze had always had a vision for a new kind of vape shop. He wanted to make the Gamestop of Vaping: Where the focus was used items that were cleaned and sanitized and sold for much cheaper then retail. Thus Trade N Vape was born.

Trade N Vape

Trade N Vape changed their whole outlook on business : as they quickly had a retail store and were learning and creating as they went. It's also where their signature "N" came from that you can see in their products, Nventions, and new businesses. Trade N Vape started with One store on November 11th, 2015 and has now grown to 3 stores with more coming in the future. Trade N Vape is running on mostly auto pilot now as it has an amazing team of staff members and management - and it gave Freeze and Mooch the opportunity for Freeze to break off and create Fidgets N More while Mooch focused on Trade N Vape's Growth.

Their 3 Trade N Vape Stores are Four Seasons Mall, Hanes Mall, and Peters Creek Headquarters. 

On top of that - they finally came out with two successful juice lines in #GetSlammed and VaperSlam Ejuice.

Getslammed eliquid

Lastly: They invented the only personal air filter for vaping, NvisiVape, which has been received amazingly as a way to "Vape Respectfully" You blow your vapor through it and it virtually vanishes. No Smell, No visual vapor. Nothing.

All of this was great - but a successful Kickstarter campaign of a Fidget Cube got Freeze interested in the world of Fidgeting. After doing research he teamed up with North Carolina company J-Wraps: J-Wraps began producing Fidget Spinners, and then granted a Mall Kiosk exclusive to Freeze to open Fidgets N More. Fidgets N More prides itself in having North Carolina, and American, made products. 

That's our History so far - and we look forward to having you part of our Future!

Chris Winfrey