Triad Softball League: Trade N Vape Team Name and Logo Reveal

Hello to the Nside Trader Pros and all of our other amazing customers!

As part of our want to be more part of the local community via events, fundraisers, and other things - we have decided to sponsor the Triad Softball League for the 3rd year in a row ! 

In that past we have done it under different names - but this year we establish our name and logo for the foreseeable future. 

Allow me to introduce The Nsiders!

trade n vape softball nsiders


We chose this name as an homage to our long standing Customer Loyalty Program : The Nside Trader Pro. We think it represents Trade N Vape in a very good light - will also keeping "vape" or "trade" out of the team name. We just don't feel like either of those words make a great name for a team.

The Team colors will be Carolina Blue and White - which is also a favorite color scheme of ours!

Now, the Triad Softball League has been a long standing league here in the area, and their mission statement revolves around LGBT communities and their allies. Their Mission statement reads

Our Mission: The objective of the Organization is to promote a social environment through amateur athletics with special emphasis on the participation of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, as well as the participation of GLBT allies and supporters, in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

The TSL is still open for registration if you're looking to play Spring Softball! You can register right now!

Teams are drafted - so while we appreciate your support and support for the League - we can't guarantee you'll play for the Trade N Vape Nsiders!

Good Luck to the future Trade N Vape Nsiders, and to all in the Triad Softball League!



Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare