Vote For Trade N Vape: Best Vape Shop in the Triad!

We here at Trade N Vape are extremely honored to be nominated for "Best Vape Shop of the Triad!"

We've worked extremely hard to up our game! We've completely changed our inventory systems, upgraded out POS system, our Nside Trader Pro system, our cleaning and sanitation process, our Trade In system, and so much more.

AND there is more still to come. By the end of the month we will relocate to another spot inside of Hanes Mall. It's a much better location for size, location, and beauty. It will feel like it did at our old location in Hanes Mall.

You will still be greeted by our friendly staff, you will still be treated as the only customer, and you will still get the fantastic prices and service that Trade N Vape have made their reputation and name on.

So click the image below to cast your vote for us - and we will be forever grateful!

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Look to our Facebook page for flash sales during the month of February! 

If you haven't visited us in a while, look at our new Pod Systems and Salt Trade Eliquid; as well as our 100mil lines of Cones, Rounds, Jam Monster, Ice Monster, The One, and coming soon: Squares!

Things are only getting better at Trade N Vape! You can see most of our current used stock at The Orphanage as well!

And thank you again for your vote! 

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare