Why should we sell you our gear - when we can sell it in an online group? This is a great question - we get it a lot here at Trade N Vape and it's a very valid question to have. One of the main reasons why selling us your vape gear is better because we will definitely send you the money 100% of the time! We've all seen it (or been a part of it) - where you go to sell/buy an item from an internet user on Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist, what have you. You send the money and they never send you your gear... time goes long enough of them putting you off until you finally try to request your money back and it's too late. Reddit's ecigclassifieds has posts all the time about "i was scammed by ___"; and I see it on Facebook groups as well. You sell your gear to someone - they pay you and you send them the order; then they go to paypal and say they never got it and get their money back, or charge back your card.  We will never do either of things. Buyers and Sellers both have this issue all the time - and so with us you can guarantee your money and or your devices. Why do you offer less then what I can get if I sell it on Facebook groups and other Classifieds? That's also a great question! The answer isn't a simple one and done answer - but here's some points that we at Trade N Vape believe in.
  1. We have overhead and staff that works to make sure everything is great on both ends, in our brick and mortar stores and on our website, which is not so much to an anonymous user on the internet.
  2. We price our used items based off of the RRP - not flipper prices (inflated peer to peer prices that are far above MSRP). So if you came in to buy that item used in our store you would get it for far less than someone would sell it for on one of those groups.
  3. We usually offer store credit/cash equal to or very close to our wholesale price... so For about what we quote you we can buy all those items wholesale brand new; yet we still give you a fair price on your used items.
  4. We do have to turn a profit on an item - most of our sale prices are 30-50% above what we give you for your items - while most MSRP is 100% or more of wholesale.
Trade N Vape is about helping vapers progress through their journey in vaping cheaper than other stores - and we pride ourselves in earning customers for life. You will never offend us if you do not like the price we quote for your gear! If you decide to sell it to us you can guarantee a swift payment upon receipt!   Thanks for being part of the Trade N Vape family!