Your Government Are Liars.

You've probably been sitting there scared to vape. You're worried that these few hundred cases around the country could effect you - the government has you convinced that vaping is worse then smoking

You're being lied to. 

As the evidence has surfaced more and more over the past few weeks - we as industry leaders have been proven right. The Lipid Pneumonia is being caused by Vitamin E Acetate in Black Market THC cartridges. These illegal drug dealers are mixing down their product with the vitamin e oil to make it look more pure.

So if you have an illegal, black market THC cartridge then you should be worried - and you should throw it away immediately.

If you are using any e-cigarette, vape, e-liquid, or similar found at any vape shop or gas station - then you are just fine. 

We as an industry have never made claims that vaping is healthy. As a shop owner, I strongly discourage non smokers from purchasing products from me. I've swayed some to not buy - however - adults are and should be free to make their own choices. Is vaping safe? Obviously no. Inhaling ANYTHING is not as safe as inhaling NOTHING. 

Is it safer then smoking? 100% with out a doubt there is NO question. Scientists agree that it's AT LEAST 95% safer then smoking cigarettes - and that's the message we've been preaching for all these years. 

We as an industry do not, in general, market to children. There ARE brands who have been heinous - and we have disowned them as an industry. Some of these fucking shitty vape shop owners out here keep supporting those brands (Like Candy King and Juice Roll Up) which are clearly copying kids labels.

But us? Trade N Vape? We have refused. And we've had customers mad at us for refusing those brands - that's their prerogative but we've never let anyone sway our narrative. 

In fact - I've gone so far as to respond angrily to their marketing - flamed them openly - and refused to sell their products. Customers in general don't understand why I don't carry those brands; and that's ok. It's been my cross to bear to not carry the easy to sell bullshit. (That also has low quality, over sweetened, horse shit juice)

Myself, and many industry leaders - those I still talk to and those I don't: we all had one thing in common. We HATED these brands who were so obviously fucking marketing to kids. I'm going to post below here emails I've sent back to manufacturers and Facebook statuses I posted to show that we've been battling this for a long time. 

vape heads fuck them child marketing cunts

fuck vape heads 2.0

As you can see - this guy really tried to justify his bullshit. There's no question that shit looks like the same logo. In fact, here's the same company a year prior with an even WORSE logo.

fuck vape heads


What's sad is that it isn't even limited to just this company. It's tons. And a large handful of us have been fighting them the entire time.



 We as an industry are being scapegoated for these deaths and lung problems - because tobacco wants us gone. 

Tobacco companies do have vape devices - but they don't have any real market share; and therefore are losing billions. Anyone, including Stefan Didak, who believes that tobacco is on our side is a complete and utter fool.

The Point

Don't let the media and bullshit scare you from continuing to use these life saving products. And be prepared - if they do in act a flavor ban we will probably only have about 30 days to comply: so make sure to buy your juice in bulk before hand.

Chris Winfrey

Comedian - Vape Extrodinare