The Budget

$ 9.99 $ 4.00

A Better Value for those wanting something cheaper. The middle button may vary in color from that pictures. 

The Name Fits - this is an ABS plastic made Fidget Spinner for those who would rather not have the Lifetime warranty of our main line of spinners - made right here in North Carolina. The Budget are made in China - they are best for young children whom you don't want to spend tooooo much money on - but want them to have some enjoyment as well.

Pairs well with a Fidget Cube.

Tri Spinner Fidget With Hybrid ceramic bearing R18

Finger tip gyroscope, also known as fingertip spiral or Fidget Spinner. Help decompression treatment of ADHD and is conducive to smoking cessation.

1. High speed

2. Friction coefficient is small

 3. Speed time lasting



A bracket 3 counter weight 1 axis (all ceramic /ceramic ball /stainless steel ball)

Why Choose Fidget Spinners?
Not only are they a lot of fun to just play with, they actually have a great purpose.
If you are like me and many others out there, you have a lot of fidgeting habits. 
Tapping your foot, pen, bouncing, clicking, even biting nails are usually related to nervous habits.
These “toys” are great replacements for any of things along with others. 
There has even been feedback from people with adhd that say it helps them to regain focus on concentration. 
Small enough to fit in your pocket these fidget spinners are great to give you something to fidget with whether you are at home, on the road, or sitting in the office!


Why tap, when you can spin!

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