Something Eliquid

Four standout flavors for the indecisive (or brand new!) vapers that come into your shop and say:

“I want something fruity”

“I just want to try something DIFFERENT, I’m sick of everything that’s on the market and that I have at home”

“I like dessert flavors but don’t know what I want”

Or the “ I don’t even know what day it is or where I parked my car, I’m hungover and need nicotine” customers.

Something checks off every box for sought after flavor profiles, has fresh and eye catching packaging with boxes that will pop on your shelves; without having confusing branding or flavor descriptions.


Simple and perfectly crafted. If you haven’t already spoken to me about samples, shoot me an email or PM and I’ll get you taken care of. From the makers of Rounds Eliquid, Cones Eliquid, Squares Eliquid and SHRBRT