Suorin Drop

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The Suorin Drop Pod System that makes Juul look like a bitch.

Juuls are not made to be refilled, they are over priced, and unnecessary. 

A box of Juul pods are 15-20 dollars, and have about 8 mils of juice in them (total across all 4 pods). A 30 mil bottle of Salt Trade eliquid is 17.99. That's almost 4 times as much juice for the same price, or less. That, and we have 10 incredible flavors to fill your Suorin with.

Why keep buying the expensive, small, and inconvenient Juul pods when you can take control over your vape while being trendy and having a reliable, smooth vape?

The newest of the Suorin Vape family, featuring small, curved body that fits perfectly in the hand. It carries the Suorin name as well as the revolutionary vaping style you've all come to know and love. It comes in 7 vibrant and unique colors! The best closed pod system to drop in its size!

Perfect For Salt Trade Eliquid!

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