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The Vape Association produces annual conventions permeating the National market and beyond. With popular brands VapeMania, VaperSlam and future dates to be announced- The TVA strives to provide entertainment style conventions with massive spaces and insane amounts of vendors.

A running theme to these spectacles is the entertainment- showcasing Vaping's more popular entertainers directly from a stage, performing to the audience in attendance. Check for dates now.

VapeMania and VaperSlam are hosted by the hosts of Totally Vaping Awesome.

Totally Vaping Awesome is a podcast radio program focusing on the worlds of vaping, entertainment and the humorous as brought to you by two guys in the vaping industry. MoocH 1 and Freeze bring an individually unique perspective to each topic they discuss. Sometimes poignant, sometimes brash; the show boasts an impressive no holds barred attitude and has garnered the attention of Vaping's most recognized personalities and beyond.

Different from other programs in vaping, The Totally Vaping Awesome show is from the perspective of vapers but not limited to the audience of vaping. The attitudinal, comedic and scathing commentary speaks to people from all walks of life and is listened to worldwide.

Join MoocH 1 as he navigates the murky waters of awesome with the help of the shows residential bringer of the funny, The Freeze. The show is recorded and released twice weekly and offers consistent segments, bits and special programming. This is vaping's true entertainment show- Totally Vaping Awesome.