Blue Alice

$ 6.49

A light Blueberry Kiwi Creamy Custard that will inspire your muchness!

In the final chapter of our tale, Blue Alice represents individuality, curiosity, strength and passion. Her greatest attribute is her ability to journey into the unknown. Alice makes her own path and she will not be told who or how to be. Her imagination and instincts guide her throughout the entire story. She does not fear what lies ahead and when she is faced with the impossible, she doesn't run away. She stands her ground and she fights for what she knows is right. She defends her friends and always remains loyal because she knows that she cannot do it alone.

As a community, we have lost our way and torn each other apart time and time again. We have lost sight of the very idea that this revolutionary industry was founded on. We have become a fad and a lifestyle rather than a way to enhance the lives of ourselves and others. We could learn some valuable lessons from Alice, if only we could stop and remember the bigger picture. The flavor of this liquid is much like Alice, a blueberry to represent her kind, sweet nature with a touch of tang from a citrus kiwi fruit that is similar to her witty and strong attitude. It then finishes with a creamy custard to represent her quirky and curious ideals. We all need to wake up and realize that this is not a dream, this is the real world.