Green Stab Wood HexOhm

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Stabilized HexOhms combine the internals of the Hexohm 3.0 you know and love with a stabilized wood exterior. Each device has its own personal touch.

This is a used product. There may be cosmetic damage like scratches and signs of use. This Stab in particular had a chip in the top left corner that we gorilla glued to fix. Thus is the nature of wooden mods. All HexOhm's have been tested to be in full working condition - they also are backed by Craving Vapor's Lifetime warranty in case something does happen with the mod. 

About the Hexohm:

The HexOhm 3.0 has its own proprietary board that is rated for up to 30 amps and a capable of 180 watts. Some additional features we added include low voltage cutoff for battery protection, a 10-second cutoff timer and a master on/off switch.

Min Volts: 3 Volts
Maximum Volts: 6 Volts
Max Amps: 30 Amps
Max Watts: 180 Watts

Battery Sled: Ultem
Battery Contacts: Solid brass
Power Circuit: HEX-T/30-c
Resistance Range: .10 – ∞
Recommended Ohms: .2