Hell Hound Series Mechanical Box Mod by Wulf Mods *Used*

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The unit is exquisitely made with only the highest quality materials, and the Wulf Mod logo on the side provides a bit of detail and styling to help your mod stand out. The box comes in a solid black coloring with white coloring for the simply-stated logo. You'll love the way this mod feels in your hand, and its durable construction will provide you with years of trouble-free use. 

Used items are in Used condition and are tested prior to listing. As is. This SKU is for a used, cleaned, and inspected Hell Hound. Color may vary, packaging may vary, accessories may vary.

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The unit has a variable voltage that ranges from 3.6-7 volts. It uses a simple push-button start feature, and you can easily control the unit with the intelligently placed thumb button. The construction is solid, and it uses high-grade metals and copper connections. The cover is vented on both the inside and out, and the lowest supported resistance is .15 ohms. Integrated circuit protection helps protect your investment from shock, and you'll enjoy using this sturdy mod when used by experienced vapers. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your batteries, this mod works extra hard to give you every last bit of juice. The unit works with dual 18650 batteries, which you'll need to supply on your own. The unit is a simple and no-fuss unit designed to provide you with the performance you need without extra buttons and settings that just get in the way. A series battery configuration is used, and you can regulate the battery usage using a simple dial. There is also a high-quality high amperage switch, and the device is unregulated. Because it's an unregulated device, you might not get the same level of vapor with each hit. A low battery will result in the coils taking longer to draw power, which affects the output.

This mechanical mod is perfect for those who want a basic device that is easily configured and capable of producing the power you need. A mechanical mod box doesn't put limits on what you can do with your battery, which means you can get additional power at the outset and a better overall vaping session if you're an experienced user. Since there is no chip in the mod to regulate the power output, you'll be able to max out the production when the batteries are new. However, as the battery wears down, the production will also decrease.

The Hell Hound Series is designed for the serious vaper who wants to max out their usage and push their equipment to the limit. This mechanical mod box is manufactured with the highest attention to detail, and you'll know it's a high-quality mod the moment you get your hands on it. This device has all of the components of a good mechanical box mod, including a conveniently located firing button. It's recommended that you always check your batteries to ensure they aren't over- or under-charged. 

The benefits of this mod include an improved overall flavor and greater vapor production. For the serious vaper who wants to get the best possible vaping session, a mechanical mod is simply the best way to go. You'll gain complete control over your session and be able to get the strongest vapor possible. This unit features low overall ohms, which is important since a lower resistance allows you to draw more amps from the battery. This results in the juice getting vaporized faster, which leads to a more satisfying vaping experience.

Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mechanical Mod:

  • Dimensions: 112mm x 28mm x 54mm
  • Large Shiny Firing Button
  • Black Matte Finish
  • White “Hell Hound” Logo
  • “WULF” Logo
  • Battery Ribbon
  • Battery Air Dissipation Holes on Bottom
  • Sliding Battery Door Cover with Fastening Magnets
  • Strong Inner Connections for Batteries
  • Requires Two 18650 Lithium IMR Batteries
  • Copper Disk on Top for 510 Connection
  • Rakish Over-All Appearance
  • Simple and Efficient Design
  • Durable, Bold Hold
  • Atomizer Connection Centered on Top of Rectangular Mod
  • Small Amperage Adjustment Wheel on Side