JBOI Handmade Coils Pack of 2

$ 19.99

JBOI COILS Handmade Coils (2 Pack)

Handmade coils from JBOI. The perfect addition to any rebuildable atomizer. High quality wire and all coils are inspected to ensure quality. Each order comes with TWO coils per package.

SS Fused Clapton:

  • Specifications- 2x 26g/ 40g- 6 wraps- 3mm ID- .13 ohms
  • Perfect for Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Wire

N80 Series Alien Coil:

  • Specifications: 3x 30g/ 38g- 7 wraps- 3mm ID- .35 ohms
  • High Resistance Build
  • Nichrome Wire