Kanger KBox Mini 75w *Used*

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Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD:

The Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD is a phenomenal device that offers everything you can possibly ask for in an advanced personal vaporizer. It is beautifully designed, lightweight, powerful, and very loaded with features. Regardless of the degree of vaper you are, you will certainly be impressed with the performance of the Kanger KBOX Mini TC Box MOD.

The body of the Kangertech KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD is constructed with aluminum-zinc alloy metal. This unique combination of metals is the perfect material for devices such as MODs, as it is strong, resilient, durable, lightweight, and offers superior resistance to rust, oxidation, and corrosion.

Kanger did a splendid job designing the KBOX Mini TC MOD. The aesthetic appeal of the device is extremely attractive, with fine details and intricacies all the way around it. The sleek and simple design gives the KBOX Mini 75W TC an exceptionally classy, elegant, and sophisticated look. Kangertech also paid careful attention to the ergonomics of the device as well, ensuring that it is comfortable to hold and use throughout the day.

The Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD is a variable wattage device, which allows you to fine-tune its power output. You can set the wattage to as low as 7W and as high as a whopping 75W, in 0.1W increments. With this vast range of available power, you can use the KBOX Mini TC MOD with virtually any resistance atomizer coil you wish. In fact, this remarkable device can accommodate atomizer resistances from an extremely low 0.1 ohms up to 3.0 ohms, making it perfect for both standard resistance and sub-ohm vapers.

Used items are in Used condition and are tested prior to listing. As is. This SKU is for a used, cleaned, and inspected Kanger Kbox 75. Color may vary, packaging may vary, accessories may vary.

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Adding to the ingenuity and versatility of the Kangertech KBOX Mini TC Box MOD is its temperature control, sensing, and limiting capability. When used with nickel or titanium coils, this ingenious device allows you to set the temperature of the atomizer coil itself, which, in turn, permits you to adjust the temperature of the vapor that is produced. You can increase the temperature if you enjoy warmer hits, or decrease it for a cooler drag. Additionally, the ability to regulate the coil’s temperature also helps eliminate dry and burnt hits sometimes experienced with non-temperature control devices.

Kanger brilliantly designed the KBOX Mini TC MOD to be powered by an external 18650 battery (sold separately). As opposed to devices furnished with internal batteries, external battery MODs afford you the ability to carry fully-charged spares with you at all times in your pocket, purse, or bag. This way, you will never be left without a functioning vaporizer to use. Moreover, as is commonly known, all rechargeable batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge after a period of time. When the device is equipped with an internal battery, you will be forced to dispose of the entire device once this occurs. However, when the battery you use with the Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD ultimately dies, you can simply replace the battery, which is substantially more cost-effective. To make battery removal and replacement easy, Kanger intelligently engineered the KBOX Mini MOD with a magnetic door cover, which pops right off and snaps right back in place.

The face of the Kangertech KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD houses the device’s OLED screen, which is adjacent to its buttons and micro-USB charging port. The screen is not only a nice aesthetic touch, but also performs to provide you with a vast assortment of useful, relevant, and important information. The KBOX Mini TC’s screen clearly and vividly presents the resistance of the atomizer coil, the remaining battery life, the output wattage, the output voltage, the temperature setting (when in TC mode) and error messages should one occur during use. With the vast amount of data easily available to you at all times, you can operate and maintain your Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD effortlessly.

The Kangertech KBOX Mini TC MOD also provides for passthrough capability. This astounding feature allows you to use your vaporizer while the battery within it is charging. As long as you are near an outlet or any device that powers through a USB port, you can vape and charge simultaneously. Moreover, if you purchase a separate USB car charger, you can vape and charge while you drive, which is particularly handy while on road trips and long drives.

The top of the Kanger KBOX Mini 75W TC Box MOD is furnished with the device’s flush 510 connector. Made of high-grade stainless steel, the connector sports a spring-loaded, self-adjusting center pin. This is a great feature, as it virtually ensures a complete and secure connection with any 510-threaded tank you elect to use with the KBOX Mini TC MOD.