Koko Bear

$ 29.99

First, a little about Grizzly Vapes. This is not a mix to order juice, it's not flavors in a bottle with nic and PG/VG. This is a crafted juice. It goes through a multistage process when it's crafted which stabilizes the liquid so it has unheard of shelf stability and is "pre-steeped" right out of the bottle. There's no need to let anything from the Grizzly line sit, 'age', 'steep' or whatever the kids are callin it these days.

Kokobear... oh how I love you. This is the second from Grizzly Vapes and it's another beast. Nannerbears darker cousin, this is a chocolate vape if you want to be a peasant about descriptions. It's so much more than that. It takes all of the complexity and delicate flavor blending of Nannerbear and adds in a rich chocolate flavor with notes of vanilla. To me, it's almost like one of those expensive chocolates you can get at a shop in the 'fancy' part of town that has a list of ingredients from various South American countries. It's a little more intense in flavor than Nannerbear but it's still an easy all day vape.

Like Nanner, this is a MAX VG liquid. There is some PG in there, but only a little. All Grizzly Vapes eliquid comes in 100mil bottles! Pre-Order now - shipping soon!


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