Nanner Bear

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First, a little about Grizzly Vapes. This is not a mix to order juice, it's not flavors in a bottle with nic and PG/VG. This is a crafted juice. It goes through a multistage process when it's crafted which stabilizes the liquid so it has unheard of shelf stability and is "pre-steeped" right out of the bottle. There's no need to let anything from the Grizzly line sit, 'age', 'steep' or whatever the kids are callin it these days.

Now, Nannerbear... the juice that defies explanation. Every review I've seen of it has picked up different notes and they almost universally say the same thing. "This juice is hard to describe". My first hit of this juice raised an eyebrow. I was surprised, I had no idea what i was tasting and I was hit with multiple flavors and notes, even sensations. The second hit raised both eyebrows. The flavor was indescribable and overwhelmingly GOOD.

It's a subtle juice, not one of those "punch you in the tongue" flavors you get, there are no double shots or flavor kicks, or sidecars, etc. It's been crafted to be an all day vape and it has become that for damn near everyone who tries it.

If I had to describe the flavor... It's got some banana and coconut notes but it's not a banana or coconut juice. It's got an earthy rich flavor that underpins the sweetness from the aforementioned tropical fruits and a hint of tobacco. There's a dark, almost herbal tone that rides alone with all the other flavors in this complex juice. Every hit is a little bit different, each subtle flavor taking the stage for just a second on inhale and exhale. The inhale is warm and rich and sweet and the exhale is smooth and has a slight cooling sensation.

This is a MAX VG liquid. There is some PG in there, but only a little. All Grizzly Vapes eliquid comes in 100mil bottles! Pre-Order now - shipping soon!


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