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When you hear the name “Playboy,” this can take you in one of a few directions. You might have cause to remember someone who plays the field and likes women but hates commitment. You could be thinking of a rock band from the 1980s or a certain song about a centerfold.

There is another possibility: Hugh Hefner, Playboy Bunnies, the famous magazine, and Hefner’s mansion. Well, he is a playboy and maybe some of his Bunnies are old enough to remember 1980s rock. The Playboy Luxbox 150W TC Mod is inspired by Hefner and his famous bunnies.

Playboy Luxbox 150W TC

The Leather Chair

Of course, Hefner does not conduct business from a plastic Ikea model sold flat packed in a box. That would feel very hard on his bony robe-wrapped body and his cigar would appear out of place. He sits in a solid, high-backed leather item with padded arms and claws for feet.

Okay, I am imagining things here, but I’ll bet I got it right about the leather. A Playboy Luxbox 150W TC Mod, true to its name, is a luxurious device covered in real quilted leather of brown, black, or white. Accents in black, gold, or silver polished metal contrast or align with your choice of leather. It’s not Harley Davidson-style leather; more boardroom and aged Scotch.

Power and Presence

Even though he is old enough to be the great-grandfather of many of his Bunnies, Hefner wields power. So does the Playboy Luxbox mod. Its 4400-mAh battery is built in, rechargeable from the mini USB port. Plug in while you are at the office working or at your laptop looking at Playboy centerfolds online.

Your power choices run from 3 watts to 150 watts or 200F to 600F. Resistance ratings span 0.1 ohms to 3 ohms. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of this luxurious unit style to be intimidating whereas so many mods convey an apologetic minimalism.

Ready to Read

Playboy magazine is not all about the pictures: there are articles in there too. Many men plead ignorance of the pictures, insisting they regard this magazine as literature. Likewise, a Playboy mod should be read, not just gawked at. The display shows you watts, volts, temperature, mode, ohms, and battery power. Use this to determine when you should be plugging the battery in long before you get the warning from your microchip that voltage is low.


If the vendor doesn’t tell you much about safety (like vents for the battery, low-resistance protection, etc.), call or drop them an email. You need to know how much protection there is when a device can fire at up to 120 watts. Temperature control mode is a sort of defense and you know that the mod is temperature-protected, but lots of other things can go wrong besides overheating; expensive problems you want to avoid.

Pair the Playboy with a Vixen

What else can you call a seductive woman? “Vixen” sounds good, we’ll go with that. The Playboy Luxbox 150W TC is packaged in a starter kit with the Vixen sub ohm tank. This Rebuildable product features triangular airflow adjustment, a Pyrex tank, juice flow adjustment, and 4.5-ml capacity. It isn’t dainty like a waif but buxom like a Playboy Bunny. Purchase the set from participating internet retailers and pay $120.

While the Luxbox looks great with the Vixen, it is possible to attach another 510-threaded tank if you prefer, but it’s hard to imagine what would look right. The Luxbox has high expectations about how its partners should dress.