ProVari 2.5 Classic *used*

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  • The ProVari 2.5 is a well-crafted variable voltage e-cig that uses 18490 batteries. You ARE able to upgrade to an 18650 configuration with the 18650 Extension Cap that comes with it. 

  • You'll find these in several appealing colors. The ProVari feels solid in your hands and performs like a dream. 

    This can be adjusted from 2.9 - 6 volts in 0.1 volt increments. It features a built in dynamic self-calibration algorithm that keeps the output voltage accurate to 1% or better over the life of the product.

    The device features thermal monitoring, which means it will shut off if it detects a high temperature condition. Once it has cooled off, it will resume operation. 

    The ProVari 2.5 will not fire atomizers below 1.2 ohms. This device is great for non sub-ohm atomizers and tanks. Basically perfect for Salt Nic tanks!

    - Microprocessor controlled
    - 2.9 - 6.0 variable voltage range with .1 volt increments
    - Built-in digital display
    - AccuSet Technology - Self-Colaboration Feature
    - Atomizer Ohm's checker built-in
    - Battery voltage checker built-in
    - Translucent light up push button with low battery indicator
    - Single battery design
    - Stock 510 connection
    - 16 second safety cutoff
    - Short circuit protection
    - Reverse battery protection
    - Thermal monitoring system
    - Amperage limiting
    - Battery monitor and over-discharge protection
    - Machine engraved logo
    - Vented for added safety

    Made in the USA.
  • The Provari was first introduced in 2010. It quickly became the "gold standard" of regulated advanced personal vaporizors due to its quality of build, superb craftmanship, quality of parts used, and the attention to manufacturing detail.

    It has a military-grade processor-regulator (made in the US) whose patented Accuset Technology offers unmatched accuracy of providing the user's set voltage throughout its battery's life.

    Exceptional regulation 
    From a fully charged battery until that battery needs to be replaced, there will be no drop off in vapor quality as the battery is used. Your last puff will be as good as the first. The processor continuously monitors the battery voltage, and adjusts the voltage automatically to maintain the user setting within 1% accuracy. The regulator uses PWM (pulse width modulation) at 800+ Hz frequency, which many owners describe as a "smoother vaping experience" when compared to many other mods. The vast majority of mod processors use a lower frequency (33.3 - 60 Hz -- the rattlesnake effect).

    Most of the Chinese mod manufacturers use cheaper, less sophisticated regulating chips in order to decrease production and sale costs, which use "mean" and not "RMS" regulation. These are not capable of down regulating power (they can be widely inaccurate, especially at lower voltages). They can't output voltages between 3v and 4.2 volts even though their display say they can and are. Therefore, they may appear to be vaping "hot" or harsh at lower wattage settings.
  • Durability and reliability A Provari will provide exceptional durability, reliability, and dependability for years. Survival stories are commonplace. From falling one story off of a ledge onto concrete, run over by cars and a dump truck, falling from a moving motorcycle and bouncing on the highway, getting dunked in a swimming pool or temporarily lost in a river, to surviving an entire cycle in a washing machine when forgotten in a pants pocket. In each instance and more, the Provari survived. Only the blade of a lawn mower has bested a Provari (the chip survived and was placed in a new Provari body when returned to Provape).

  • The Provari is 99% US made and manufactured. Provape uses US-made stainless steel bar stock to produce the tubes, top caps, bottom caps, and connectors. The circuit board and processor are made in the US. Only a certain few electrical components for the circuit board not available from the US are from other countries.

*First one ordered will get a Tatroe base for it.*