Retired Trade N Vape Flavors

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These are our Legacy Flavors no longer offered on our current line up - however for those who enjoy the yumminess! Here's to you! **Flavor Descriptions Below**

Its cheaper to buy bigger bottles of the one you love!  This is why we are offering these flavors in 30mil, 120mil, 500mil, and ONE LITER!

These are made-to-order only so please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping (just to be safe). We expect it to ship MUCH faster then that! Also you can pick it up if you specify in the comments.

Please, in the comments, tell us which nicotine level you'd like. 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18! Or a custom amount is fine too.

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Flavor Profiles:

Foster The NannerDelicious ripe Banana topped with creamy Caramel and blended with perfectly aged Rum.

Member Berries?A crunchy cereal mixed with some berries.

Muffin TopRich cupcake with a sweet strawberry frosting on top. The cure for any sweet tooth.

Shivering ZebraFruit Stripe Gum mixed with something to give it the perfect flavor. Oh, and don't forget the fact that it's chilled to perfection! It's cold but oh so good!

A Morning AfterIs it coffee? Is it chocolate? Wait, no it's Tiramisu, well now it's changing again, oh wow, now it's espresso, wait... Yeah, even we are amazed at how it changes as you vape. The more you vape, the more flavors come through! If you can, allow this one to steep for a week. Trust us, it's worth the wait.

German CakeGive in to gluttony with this decadent German Chocolate Cake smothered in delicious toasted coconut and glazed almonds. This is a high VG e-liquid.

Cran Kustard: Sweet and tangy cranberries paired with a lush vanilla custard. An amazing holiday treat for everyone.

Melon Pineapple Icecream: Sweet Honeydew Melon combined with refreshing Pineapple and blended with the perfect Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Extreme Mint: Sweet peppermint with a lot of cold! No menthol options for more or less.
**NOTE** If you do not like menthol, do not buy this e-liquid

Offerman Special: We all deserve a nightcap. Holidays are when you pull out that perfectly aged single malt scotch to share with your favorite people. This vape is an amazing scotch with a hint of vanilla and even light citrus notes.

Pear-Maretto Cream: A golden pear saturated in amaretto along side a dollop of vanilla cream. This is a high VG e-liquid

A Graham Of Honey: The delicious taste of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream blended with sweet Honey and Graham Cracker

Pie Gobbler: A Pumpkin Pie liquid filled with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and ginger spices. Smooth and creamy with the perfect balance of sweet and spice

Citrus Twist: Fresh picked Mandarin oranges mixed with the sweetest Georgia peaches and succulent apricots with a smooth creamy marshmallow finish. It's one of the best citrus based e-liquids on the market.

Sherbet Slam: Traditional Rainbow Sherbet. Sweet raspberries mixed with a tangy lime and a succulent orange. The only thing missing is the bowl and spoon. This is the perfect poolside treat!

Sweet Lemon Cookie: Fresh Lemon combined with a tasty Sugar Cookie and topped with delicious Brown Sugar.