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$ 12.99

This is a Sample Product listing for the Marketplace!

If you are selling your products individually priced then you need to make a product seperate for each item. For example if you have a Smok Prince Stick and a Suorin Drop - you can list them seperately. If you list them together on one product please price it for everything you're selling so as not to be confusing. 

Please describe everything you can about your product here, and make sure to list what it comes with. 

If your product images aren't showing - they may be the wrong dimensions, too large, or not the proper extensions.

  • The maximum file size for uploads is 5 MB with max dimension of 2048 X 2048.
  • Only image files (JPG, GIF, PNG) are allowed.

If you have multiple varients you can add that below. For example you are selling Blue Cotton eliquid. You have a 30 mil in 3mg, and a 30 mil in 6mg. You can create varients so that the consumer can pick the one they want. 

When choosing your Categories please select E-Liquid if its ONLY eliquid; Marketplace if its only ONE item, and Vape Lot if its multiple items/skus/types.

Location doesn't matter - but I'll create one that says "Marketplace" if that would be easier. 

In your product images try your BEST to have your name and date somewhere in the photos so consumers can be more confident in what they are purchasing!

As always, please direct questions to 

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