The Hazard

$ 34.99

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We have trouble keeping these in stock - so expect anytime you order for our in house fidget spinners to take up to 2 weeks for manufacturing - as we will likely be making them to order. Thank you and enjoy :)

The Hazard Fidget Spinner:

Find yourself biting your nails or chewing on pens?

Aptly named the Fidget Spinner, this device not only combats nasty habits but also aids in concentration and focus.

With recent studies correlating fidgeting with improved brain function the idea has gained wide spread popularity.

Simplistic, silent and compact designs allow the Fidget Spinner to be taken anywhere!

We've created several designs in order to fit the needs of all of our consumers.

Diameter is 2 3/4" by 1/4" height
(center caps and bearings are exactly quarter sized)

What is included:
* Spinner Body (white)
* Two Finger caps ( easy to hold while you spin )
* Four SS Bearings - one BONES REDS and three regular steel.
* Black 3M carbon fiber wrap.


Our Spinners are NOT made of soft plastic or 3D printed. The material will last you a life time with proper care.
(bearings may need changing for a smoother operation within time and will be available to purchase on our site)

Break in time:
The bearings will come coated in oil from the manufacture to protect them. This means that all bearings used in our spinners require break-in time.

Spin Time:
The steel bearings are able to achieve ~30 to 50 seconds of spin time.

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