The Magmod by JL Customs *Used*

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The Magmod in a Regulated PWM version. Now it is practically bullet proof. (Pun intended because I'm clever) With high current solid state electronics, an LED voltmeter, and no glass screen to crack or fancy processors to bug out, this thing just fucking works. Pair that with a polymer battle tested case and you've got yourself a bad mother fucker. That Voltmeter on the front is on a separate test switch so you can check your battery level to know when to get a fresh pair. Very handy when you can drain the piss out of a battery and shorten its lifespan.

Dual 18650 ran in Parallel with Mosfet protection. 

Used items are in Used condition and are tested prior to listing. As is. This SKU is for a used, cleaned, and inspected REV Tech GTS230. Color may vary, packaging may vary, accessories may vary.

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