The Rotr HD - Stainless Steel Body

$ 300.00
Hand crafted out of  CNCd Stainless Steel. - The Rotr HD is a collectors Unicorn!
Full Ceramic bearing, SS counter weights

This bad boy is so limited you wont find them any where else - as they are all made to order.

Luckily for us here at Fidgets N More - we have a great relationship with Mad Monkey Innovations and he has joined our team to produce these through Fidgets N More Only!

The Rotr Fidget Spinner is part of our long line of American Made Fidget Spinners.

Button Resin Colors are: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, black, white

Break in time:
The bearings will come coated in oil from the manufacture to protect them. This means that all bearings used in our spinners require break-in time.

*Sometimes we will have stock ready and production time could be way quicker - but please allow 5-10 days**