Two Used Vapes for Sale w Accessories, Chargers, and Coils + 6 bottles of Vape Juice

$ 160.00

Two Vapes both in excellent condition:


1)Hot Pink Eleaf Base (30W)

2)Black Eleaf Base (85W with original packaging)

3) KangerTech Silver Tank (compatible with Hot Pink Eleaf Base)

4) Black and Silver HellBeast Hybrid Tank (with original packaging plus spare glass, ex rubber bands, and mouthpiece and compatible with Black Eleaf Base)

5) Two rechargeable batteries for Black Eleaf Base with charging port

6) Charger for Hot Pink Eleaf Base

7) Three brand new coils for KangerTech Tank

7) 6 bottles of Vape Juice (five 6mg/mL Nicotine bottles and one 12mg/mL Nicotine bottle, five full and unopened, one 3/4 full)


Everything all in cost around $320 but would be willing to sell everything for half price $160 considering all vape juice bottles are full and unopened (except for one) and both the HellBeast Tank and Black Eleaf Base are in their original packaging and come with two rechargeable batteries plus chargers. Hoping to sell as a package deal but if ur interested in something on its own, shoot me an email and we might be able to work something out.