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Sumo RDA by Bruce Pro Innovations

Vandy Vape LIT RDA

The Lit RDA by Vandy Vape introduces a versatile rebuildable dripper platform with dynamic functionalities, highlighted with two different airflow options and a multi-functional build deck with three ways to build coils. A culmination of ingenious designs from the design team at Vandy Vape, the Lit RDA is built to be a do-it-all dripper measuring 24mm in diameter and useful for a range of different set-up with three types of drip tips and squonk BF RDA set-up pin. The crowning achievement lies within the multi-functional build deck, adopting a spring-loaded center post capable of securing coil leads with a clamp-style mechanism. It can be used with common builds from horizontal and vertical configurations, to accommodating the flavor-focused Mesh builds. The airflow of the Lit 24mm RDA is creatively designed with a Rhombus-shaped slots on the wall sleeve, with the option of choosing between parallel large cutouts or mini parallelogram airslots.

Peerless RDA

The Peerless 24mm RDA is the latest creative designs from the powerhouse in rebuildable atomizers, Geek Vape. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Peerless RDA features a compact yet streamlined visual aesthetic with the construction of gold-plated chassis. In side the atomizer features a highly effective and innovative bridge two-post build deck, deployed in staggered orientation that caters to small and large coil configurations. There is a present of two shelf space on each post, allowing user the option of using the small or large terminal posts that create a stronger coil leads connection. The overall design creates a more spacious build chamber while simultaneously opens up the wicking well to increase overall efficiency. Airflow enters the Peerless RDA through dual 9-slotted parallelogram airflow, providing direct-to-coil effect. An effort to dramatically improve heat resistance has resulted in the integration of a gold-plated base chassis coupled with heat-resistant widebore drip tip to create a platform that is geared for high-performance output. Slated with one of the best balance between creative designs and performance-drive elements, the Geek Vape Peerless 24mm RDA is a must have for enthusiasts and serious builders.

Seminole RDA

Compvape brings you their first 24mm rebuildable, the Seminole G24! The G24 rebuildable features an easy to use massive two post deck with ridiculously large post holes. Just about all dual coil configurations are compatible. When compared to their previous RDA’s the G24 offers 2 extra millimeters in diameter which increases building space for those extra wide coils! Another great value Compvape has added to their G24 RDA is that it features a 24kt gold plating for extra conductivity. Compvape has continuously knocked it out of the park with their rebuildables and this is no exception, The Seminole G24 is jam packed with goodies and its performance is insane due to the gold plating!


Geekvape has introduced the Athena Squonk RDA to provide a top quality and versatile option for fans of bottom-fed atomizers. Once an obscure type of vape setup, squonking has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity. But what is it? Glad you asked!

A squonk setup requires a mod that has a self contained refillable plastic bottle to feed a compatible squonk atomizer through a specially designed 510 center pin. Instead of dripping liquid through the tip, the plastic bottle in the device is squeezed which sends liquid up the tube and into the atomizer. Dripping without drops!

A squonk setup eliminates the need to carry a bottle of liquid separate from your device which makes the entire setup cleaner, compact, and convenient. The Athena RDA is a well designed atomizer that provides squonk functionality.

Additionally, this atomizer features a versatile postless deck design and downward angled airflow ports which reduce the possibility of leaks, as well as conduct air directly toward the coils for increased performance.

If you’ve been interested in trying out squonking, the Athena RDA from Geekvape is a great starting point. Start building your ultimate squonk setup by adding the Athena RDA to your cart today!


The GOON LP RDA by 528 Customs is the modern redesign of the critically acclaimed GOON RDA, shortening the form factor for a low profile structure while implementing a unique static bridge-post with clamp mechanism for tremendous capabilities. Created by the highly respected design house at 528 Customs, the GOON LP RDA implements an unprecedented functionality to the clamp-mechanism. The GOON LP features a single static bridge-post located at the center of the build deck, with four 24K Gold-Plated clamps securing the coil leads through the side of the platform, a complete change from the traditional top-secured method. This style retains the wide surface area for consistent connection and superior conductivity while providing a whole new range of exotic build styles. Airflow enters the structure through dual slotted airholes, providing direct pathways to the core for a performance-orientated experience.

GOON LP RDA by 528 Customs:

  • Low Profile Edition
  • 24mm Diameter
  • 3mm Deep Juice Well
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Innovative Side Four-Post Bridge Clamp Design
  • One Static Gold-Plated Bridge Post
  • Four Gold-Plated Bridge Clamps
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Dual Slotted Airflow Design
  • Unique Serialized Number
  • CNC Engraved
  • ULTEM Widebore Top Cap
  • Squonk Ready 510 Connection
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection

Twisted Messes 24

This RDA is 24mm and its accessories are not compatible with other 22mm Twisted Messes RDAs.

Black & Gold TM24 Specs:

• Black PVD Plated Stainless Steel Top-Cap
• 1 x 24k gold plated stainless steel AFC Ring
• 24mm RDA
• Fully gold plated 304 Stainless Steel Deck
• 2 post 4 hole design like the TMSquared RDA but with more room for larger coils and easier wicking
• Dual Coil Air-Flow Control
• 2mm x 12mm Air-Flow Slots
• 4 x 2.9mm post holes
• Fully 304 Stainless Steel Construction (Except contact pin is gold plated brass)
• Wide-Bore Delrin Drip-Tip included
• 1.5mm Hex-Driver, Hex-Screws and spare O-Rings included
• PEEK insulators

 Tokugawa RDA

The Tokugawa RDA features an unique Cross Post design for center coil configuration.  Designed with adjustable bottom and side airflow for optimal flavor and cloud production.  A bottom airflow seal cap is included for those who enjoys dedicated side airflow configuration.

tokugawa cross post design vape vapor used USA in stock cheap

  • OD 24mm
  • 303/304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Cross Post design for center coil construction
  • Gold plated brass contact
  • 2.5mm open post holes
  • Adjustable bottom airflow (with bottom airflow seal cap)
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • 6.0mm deep juice wells
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip (Delrin)
  • JAW Cap 2.0 (Delrin)
  • 28.0mm overall height

 Vandy Vape Maze RDA

The Vandy Vape Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA features a unique sub-ohm coil inside of a rebuildable atomizer inspired design. The Maze provides the incredible squonking experience without the inconvenience of rebuilding coils. The Maze utilizes a flat horizontal SS316L 0.2ohm coil that is designed to provide incredible flavor and vapor using the balanced design of the coil. The Maze coil features an even surface that helps saturate the Japanese cotton with your favorite e-liquid flavor. The Maze features five sets of nine mini airflow holes that helps provide an incredibly smooth vaping experience which also reduces spit-back. A bottom feeding squonker pin is pre-installed and also includes a standard 510 contact pin as well. Please note, the included central refill tube must be installed when using the standard 510 contact pin.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

Vandy Vape's and The Vaping Bogan introduces their Bonza 24 BF RDA, a bottom fed dripping atomizer with a gold plated dual post quad terminal style building deck, a stepped airflow system, measuring at 24mm diameter and dual or single coil capability. The Bonza 24 has a 7mm deep juice well with centralized juice splitter for even juice distribution, as well as stepped airflow system for a smooth inhale. The gold plated dual post deck has four terminals, the outer terminals secures the coil through a top slotted flathead screw while the inner terminals utilizes a unique clamp style mechanism, making the Bonza easy to build. The Bonza 24 uses the popular 810 drip tip system and comes with an ULTEM wide bore drip tip, a resin wide bore drip tip, a delrin wide bore drip tip, and a 510 drip tip adapter. The golden 510 pin can be changed to a squonk-ready pin for any bottom feeding device. The Vandy Vape Bonza 24 BF RDA was designed for maximizing flavor and vapor production in an easy to build design for anyone looking for a smooth and stylish rebuildable atomizer. 

Vandy Vape Mesh RDA

Vandy Vape's Mesh RDA is a 24mm, dual invisible clamp style postless build deck that is compatible with both mesh wire and standard wires. Its unique dual invisible clamp style postless build deck has two 11mm terminals with side mounted flathead screws to secure the coil leads or mesh. Airflow enters the Mesh 24mm RDA via dual adjustable side airslots that can be utilized for either single or dual coil builds. Included with the Mesh RDA are two 9mm drip tips, one ULTEM and one Doc drip tip, a 510 drip tip adapter, and a bottom feed pin. The Mesh RDA offers a unique and versatile system for a new vaping experience!

Vandy Vape Icon

The ICON RDA by Vandy Vape is designed in collaboration with Mike Vapes, one of the most respected individual in the industry to create a highly versatile and performance-orientated platform that integrates an unique two-post with four terminals in stepped orientation and innovative hedged airflow. A special joint effort with Vandy Vape to create the first Mike Vapes Project, the ICON RDA is built with well-rounded yet ingenious functionalities that elevates the rebuildable segment. Measuring 24mm base diameter, the entire top cap is constructed with highly durable 304 Stainless Steel with a 24K gold-plated build deck. The build deck implements a two-post, dual terminal per post design in which the arrangement of the posts are in a stepped design, improving overall effectiveness for the coil mounting process. Each terminal measures 3mm by 1.8mm in size, where coil leads are mounted and secured via top-mounted Phillips screws. Airflow of the ICON RDA is electrically cut in a special angle that delivers a hedged air path, designed in horizontal configuration with dual rectangular airholes on each side. The airflow is fully adjustable, catering to single or dual coil builds while delivering tremendous maximum airflow and cooling properties. Included in each kit is a squonk-ready 510 pin and a set of three widebore drip tips, built with heat-resistant material designed to be used in conjunction with high power outputs while delivering flavor-enhanced experience. The collaborative efforts of Vandy and Mike Vapes emulates the dedication to research and development in the rebuildable segment, producing the premiere ICON RDA that is a must-have for building enthusiasts.

Geekvape Peerless RDA

The GeekVape Peerless RDA is a rebuildable drip atomizer with a unique build deck that is designed to support both standard and complex coil builds. The Peerless RDA features a special split bridge post design which creates a open liquid chamber for additional wicking surface area. The additional post hole allows for a more wider variety of coil builds. The GeekVape Peerless RDA is designed for both single and dual coil builds. The Peerless RDA features a nine hole adjustable side airflow system that may be adjusted to your personal preferences.

Freakshow v2 RDA

The Freakshow V2 RDA by Wotofo is the latest iteration of the popular Freakshow RDA platform, retaining the internal bottom-airflow design with the addition of direct-to-coil side air channels alongside two-post, dual terminal build deck. Measuring 25mm or 22mm in diameter in a clean-cut apparatus, the Freakshow V2 RDA is built to meet modern demands. It implements the original two internal air tubes located beneath the coil configurations, providing an upstream air direction into the build area. New to the Freakshow V2 are two parallelogram airslots located on each side of the chassis that synergizes with the circular adjustable airflow top cap, inducing cyclonic affect with accurate level of adjustment. The build deck integrates a two-post, dual terminal design, with 2mm diameter terminals to accommodate a wide array of large coil structures and exotic configurations. With the addition of German-made PEEK Insulator, rhodium-plated copper contact, and Delrin widebore tip, the Freakshow V2 is equipped with superior conductivity and effective handle high-performance set-ups. Building upon premiere performance of the original Freakshow RDA while adding additional airflow capability and flavor enhancement, the Freakshow V2 RDA is a premiere building platform of today.

Augvape Druga RDA

Augvape's Druga RDA is a visually impressive rebuildable dripping atomizer with a full 24K Gold Plated deck and base alongside a convenient and build friendly Clamp Snag System. The Druga RDA measures 24mm in diameter with a 20mm deck diameter, with a well balanced profile that emphasizes exterior simplicity. Inside, the Druga's build deck is fully 24K Gold Plated to present a visually stunning look while improving performance through higher conductivity. The two post build deck is arranged in a unique Clamp Snag System that features a large knurled thumb screw per post and a single 2.5mm by 3mm slot space per post. This allows for toolless adjustment and tightening as well as allowing for extra large coil leads. The juice well of the deck measures 6mm deep. Airflow enters through dual airslots measuring 12mm by 2mm each and can be adjusted via the top air cap. The Augvape Druga utilizes a 810 drip tip fitment and includes an ULTEM and a delrin drip tip. Presenting a clean, highly functional system with quality machining and manufacturing, the Augvape Druga 24mm RDA is an excellent performance RDA at a highly competitive price.