Viserion - Currently Being Raffled.

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ALL proceeds from this raffle will be going to Autism Spectrum Awareness. 
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Hand crafted out of hand made Resin blocks - the ROTR is a collectors Unicorn! This bad boy is so limited you wont find them any where else - as they are all made to custom. Luckily for us here at Fidgets N More - we have a great relationship with Mad Monkey Innovations and were able to get him to make these for us even though he really doesn't do Resin spinners anymore.

This very, very rare Dragon Skin Juma Fidget is the cream of the crop - and worthy to be named after one of Daenery's Dragons and due to its color we named this Viserion.  We've upgraded everything on this to show you what the highest of high end is like. 

This bad boy has cageless full ceramic bearings and hand lathed Brass Buttons. It has been described as "made from unicorn tears that was harvested straight from Valhalla."

Don't miss this once ever chance to get this beautiful piece. 

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