Wulf Mods 50w-TC *used*

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This mod is suited for lithium batteries with voltages of between 3.3 and 4.2 v.

Used items are in Used condition and are tested prior to listing. As is. This SKU is for a used, cleaned, and inspected Wulf Mods 50w-TC. Color may vary, packaging may vary, accessories may vary.

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Battery defense is another big benefit that's connected to our company's 50 Watt Temp Control Box Mod. That's because this mod is equipped with the assistance of reverse polarity protection.

People who buy this product should learn about how to proceed to receive program updates. They can employ their download cables to take care of all of their update requirements. They can do so via micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. 

There are a handful of other features that are associated with this product. This mod has a convenient organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen. It has a button that's designated for plus direction purposes. It also has a minus button counterpart. A power button, of course, is also a big component of the mod. 

This is a Bluetooth-friendly box mod that's equipped with a number of strong and dependable modes. These numerous modes are "normal," temperature control for Fahrenheit, temperature control for celsius and, finally, bypass. If any of those modes pique your interest, this offering may be a practical and useful choice for you.

The 50 Watt Temp Control Box Mod is a reliable and trustworthy product for many reasons. The employees who work for our company all take pride in the many available items we have. If you want to buy this mod, it may help a lot to reach out to us to get additional details. Our employees are all kind, devoted, pleasant and serious professionals. Contact our company today to get on the path to mod success and satisfaction. We're happy when we make our customers happy. We strive to provide all of our faithful customers with the highest level of customer service and customer satisfaction day in and day out. If you need any help using our 50 Watt Temp Control Box Mod, let us know. We can provide you with in-depth instructions that are pretty much foolproof.